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Porsche Macan enthusiasts in the United States who want diesel power will be able to order such a thing over a year from now, as Porsche is now hard at work bringing a diesel Macan to life.

Automotive News reports the diesel-powered crossover will get its power from a reworked 3-liter turbo V6 diesel sold in its native Europe and other markets, delivering at least 245 horsepower to all four corners. The vehicle would slot between the S and Turbo models as far as price is concerned, coming in at around $60,000 to start; the S has an MSRP of just over $49,000, while the Turbo begins at $72,300.

As for when the diesel Macan would arrive, the crossover may debut at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show before entering the showroom near the end of 2015 or at the start of 2016.

Meanwhile, those hoping for a base Macan in the U.S. will be waiting to exhale for quite some time. Porsche Cars North America vice president of marketing, Andre Oosthuizen, says there isn’t enough capacity to build the base model, sold in the United Kingdom and China, and won’t be under consideration “for the foreseeable future.”

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14 Comments on “Porsche Injecting Diesel Power Into Macan For US Market...”

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    A lot of product chitchat on TTAC, lately. Stuff I can read somewhere else too. Where’s the controversy, the brainwaves, the moments of automotive enlightenment, TTAC?

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    Rod Panhard

    Did Faith Popcorn ever predict the popularity of diesel powered SUVs as the product of an aspirational brand?

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    Porsche is definitely making sure to position itself somewhat above the mainstream luxury automakers, partially because of Audi and partially because it can. The Macan, Porsche’s compact crossover, costs $50K, when most other compact crossovers start at closer to $40K. And they’ve now dropped the base 3.6-liter Cayenne, so that the Diesel is the cheapest at roughly $61K…although you would spend almost as much on an X5 35d or ML350 Bluetec (which was discontinued in favor of the $49K ML250 Bluetec).

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    “Andre Oosthuizen, says there isn’t enough capacity to build the base model”. There isn’t enough Macan capacity, period – waiting lists are around 6 months to a year for the Macan. Porsche dealers apparently lease other Porsches to Macan customers to fill in the gap between ordering and delivery. It could be worse, though – BMW’s I8 is sold out for the year.

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    I am going through the list in my mind, and the only people left who might want this mess: single women. Enthusiasts – no. Well-heeled family men – no. Other people with families – no. Single men – no.

    “Turbo begins at $72,300”

    Which is Range Rover Sport HSE money. Or GL450 4MATIC.

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      Clearly, Corey, you have not driven a Macan Turbo. I test drove both cars you listed and every other in its class, and IMO the Macan Turbo is easily the best of the bunch. Yes, it’s smaller than either of the two you listed, but it handles like a Porsche, is as quiet as a bank vault at 80 mph and is just a blast to drive.

      So, full disclosure, after test driving all of the options, I bought a Macan Turbo. Zero regrets and a smile on my face every time I drive it.

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        I suppose I think of the premium SUV/CUV buyer as being concerned with having enough space for things, and a good amount of “offroading” appeal. This is a hatch which has been slightly lifted, and doesn’t have space or offroading appeal. And it’s from a company which is not known for anything but sports cars.

        Not knocking your choice or reasons, just clarifying how I thought of this.

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      spreadsheet monkey

      Why wouldn’t “well-heeled family men” want this car? And why not single men? If they want something with good performance and a Porsche badge that can carry skis/MTBs/surfboards at the weekend, the Macan does that job. Not everyone buys SUVs by the pound. Smaller is better, for some people.

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    Corey, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Once a man has ruled out a car with a small back seat, like a 911, and has gotten used to the ride height of an SUV and likes the flexibility, they go for an SUV (CUV, or whatever you want to call it). In many ways, cars like the Macan are the new “coupes” – the personal car bought by men decades ago. And if one doesn’t want or need the size of a Cayenne or X5 or RR Sport, and especially a GL450 (which I’d bet is driven way more by women than men), the Macan becomes mighty appealing.

    I drove the Macan Turbo at a Porsche Roadshow a few months ago, and I can tell you that I was way more impressed by its capabilities and luxury than I expected to be. Yes, there are other very capable cars out there, and yes, there’s no doubt that there’s some image baggage with Porsches (douchery), I’m more convinced than ever that Porsche really knows how to build a car, and if they can get more money for them, I understand why.

    Believe me, I was the first to hate the non-sports car Porsches, but I’ve come to accept it, and come to appreciate that they’re all just that much better than almost all competitors. Give me a car like a Panamera GTS any day of the week, especially because you can’t see the outside from behind the wheel.

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      Thanks for the reasoned explanation. If I’m thinking SUV and prestige – my mind goes to RR. This hatch doesn’t cut it for me. I agree on the douche image of Porsche, which is unfortunate because they do make some good cars (though the Cayman very much annoys me).

      I don’t box Porsche into the “911 only” thing like some people want to do, but don’t look to them for a prestige small CUV.

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    Diesel = Torque monster

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