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In one corner of the California ZEV credit octagon, the Tesla and its air of luxury. On the other side, the Nissan and its down-to-earth vibe.

Who won this year? Nissan.

AutoblogGreen reports the Japanese automaker sold more ZEV credits than the Californians, though not by much: 663.6 to 650.195. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles pulled up at a distant third with 235.2 sold, thanks to the existence of the Fiat 500e.

As for who bought them — purchase price per credit is permanently shrouded in secrecy — Mercedes likely took Nissan’s credits for the former’s less green offerings, Honda following behind with 542.5 purchased. FCA, again, placed third with 237.8, cancelling out what the 500e gained.

Finally, California residents brought home 3.5 million vehicles during the period ending last month, with 38,000 EVs, 30,000 PHEVs and 570,000 hybrids roaming the streets and highways.

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7 Comments on “Nissan, Tesla Sold Most California ZEV Credits In 2013...”

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    It’s rather silly to focus on a small number of zero tailpipe emissions vehicles. Any new car pollutes very little. They should be looking at reducing the emissions of those vehicles (and offroad vehicles and devices, some lawn equipment pollutes more than any car) instead. Trying to get a vehicle to emit zero pollutants flies in the face of the law of diminishing returns.

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      Smog can be controlled with smog control equipment.

      But the only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to burn less carbon, which means burning less fuel.

      There are two different types of emissions. Catalytic converters, etc. only control one of them. Depending upon how the electricity is generated, an EV can operate without producing greenhouse gases.

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        Edmunds did a comparison between the 6.2 Raptor, Fiat 500, a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke leaf blower , here is a little tidbit about the test “You’d have to drive a Raptor 235 miles — stopping every 505 seconds and doing cold restarts — to emit the same level of hydrocarbons as simply idling the two-stroke leaf blower for less than 10 minutes.”
        People should focus on improving these other applinces before woring about auto mobiles, I care more about the air I’m breathing in than my MPG “When the Raptor (and the Fiat) was running Phase 2 of its tests on the dyno, it was cleaning the air of hydrocarbons. Yes, there were actually fewer hydrocarbons in the Raptor’s exhaust than in the air it — and we — breathed. In the Raptor’s case, the ambient air contained 2.821 ppm of total hydrocarbons, and the amount of total hydrocarbons coming out the Raptor’s tailpipe measured 2.639 ppm.” Can a leaf or a model S do that? My truck has the california emissions and is rated at ULEV II and is actually removing toxic substances from the air every time I drive it. The only thing it emits is the same stuff that everyone on this planet emits its already in all our lungs so not to worried about how much CO2 comes out my exhuast

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        Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

        Fine particulate pollution causes and exacerbates respiratory ailments, particularly in urban areas. While diesels have bigger particles, the smaller ones from burning gasoline go further into the lungs.

        Particulate pollution is also mainly point pollution: while they can carry in air, gravity still limits their spread. Much better to keep pollution generators far from population centers.

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        Master Baiter

        There are plenty of ways to reduce “greenhouse gas” emissions that don’t involve messing around with car regulations. Here’s just three:

        1. Commit suicide.
        2. Eat your dog.
        3. Don’t reproduce.

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    The immediate impacts to human health are the NOX emissions and particulates. ICE emissions especially make the small particulates that wind their way deep into lung bronchioles and even alveolar spaces. Noisewater is right, this is very point source stuff. My 20 year old 2 stroke line trimmer and leaf blowers emit way more crap than the 20 year old 4Runner, but they still work reliably so I only run them when the atmospheric conditions are right (small hypocrisy). Work a night shift in an emergency department when a stagnant, hot high pressure weather system has flushed out all of your pulmonology patients, watching them gasping to breathe, yeah, then the emissions crap seems necessary. But instead of expensive subsidies for cars, a cheaper way would be to target yard appliances like mine.

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    If my math is correct, 20% of new cars sold in our largest state use alternative fuel or are hybrids. That’s awesome!

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