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If one were so inclined to visit Macau for a bit of gambling, they could hitch a ride to their hotel through one of the many cabs running throughout the city. However, those who will stay at entrepreneur Stephen Hung’s Louis XIII hotel upon its opening in 2016 will be able to paint the town red in a red Rolls-Royce.

Hung’s purchase of 30 Rolls-Royce Bespoke Extended Wheelbase Phantoms is not only the largest fleet order of such vehicles ever for the luxury automaker, but two of the fleet will be the most expensive units ever assembled.

Twenty-eight of the bespoke fleet will have plenty of interesting touches to the exterior and interior — likely designed to match the hotel through and through — including bespoke clocks from Graff Luxury Watches. The remaining duo will also boast added gold-plated accents decorating the Phantoms’ skin and interior space.

As for when one might be able to hitch a ride in one of these Phantoms, the fleet will go in service at the same time the Louis XIII hotel opens its doors in 2016. For its part, Rolls-Royce will have a hand in designing the parking and driveway spaces for the fleet to navigate, as well as train chauffeurs on how to properly drive and handle the bespoke vehicles.

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19 Comments on “Rolls-Royce Receives Largest-Ever Fleet Order For Macau Luxury Hotel...”

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    Happy Birthday, Cameron!
    Best wishes for a great year.

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    I’m always suspicious when the adverts use air brushed pictures rather than the real thing…..

    That headliner thing looks neat .


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    Nice rides. But where is the wood? The red body color visible in the interior reminds me of my ’92 Tercel. That back seat looks like it was crafted from discarded clown outfits. Would look great in a Camry SE, but Rolls? Truly, Rolls Royce has degraded into some uber 7-series knock off.

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      Sit in a Rolls-Royce Phantom for a bit, and then go sit in a Bentley Mulsanne for a while. I have. The amount of detail and the choice of materials in the Mulsanne simply blow the Phantom away. Glass, metal and wood veneers abound. Overall, the Mulsanne comes across as much more handcrafted, mechanical, intricate and special…and it totally makes up for whatever reservations you might have about the VW-based Continental and Flying Spur.

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    I foresee articles written? (or piped direct into our brains) 50 years from now tracking down the remaining units of this 30 vehicle special order after they were retired from use and separated after having faithfully performed their duties when the newest and next best luxury versions were ordered.
    There will be units in private hands since their sale proudly shown at car shows, some repainted and renovated to not look like they were at delivery, some disappeared into the garages or private collections of crime warlords , some wrecked and scrapped, maybe one or two found sitting in a 3rd world field somewhere, etc…

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      Well, the sample gauge layout shows nearly 350,000 miles on the clock. Macau is maybe 5 miles in diameter at its largest, so 30 years sounds about right for that mileage. Also, 104 Fahrenheit is spot on for southern China in the summer. That high-end climate control will certainly have its works cut out for it.

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    Chinesse nouveau-riche unleashed ! .. they are ‘more hungry’ than russian, arab, american nouveauriche .. all combined.. ,
    they will make a mass-production car manufacturer out of ‘prestigeous RRoyce’..
    (RR is not a $ellout like Por$che , but don’t worry , their ‘$hareholder$ will $mell money , and the company will follow .. )


    These red-accented rims looks so ‘nouveau-riche’ .. :)

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    Must be nice not having to stay in a Motel 6 when traveling.

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      You ain’t kidding ! .

      I recently had to travel to see my Dad die and the Motel 6 and every place else in Town too was full up (College Town) so we crashed in some decent looking from the outside hellhole in Bellingham , Wa. ~

      I don’t need much but hot and cold running hookers and dopers with huge clouds of dope & cigarette smoke rolling down the hallways isn’t on my list .

      Lobby signs warning you of hookers stealing from you are carefully placed so you can’t see them until you’ve paid……

      No ice machines , broken doors , beds , oh GHOD it was terrible .

      At least i got some sleep =8-) .


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    For a second upon reading the headline, I thought Rolls Royce had gone full-bore into capturing Chinese nouveau-riche market share by releasing a new model called the “Macau Luxury Hotel”. Sadly, it would probably work for them.

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    What a garish statement, but if someone in Las Vegas had that money they would do the same.

    The amount of money flowing into Macau is magnitudes higher than Vegas. Much of it questionable. Either way, I’d be in for a day trip to Macau to check out the Louis XIII hotel when it’s done.

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    This is just ghastly. The red is too red, and the details are awful. The checkerboard and script and gold keys, embroidery, LED night headliner.

    If this were 1993, and we were making special version Gold Key Sixty Special Palm Beach Commemoratives, maybe.


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    You’d think, out of all possible vehicle classes they could be competitive in, the bizarro luxe universe would be where a homegrown Chinese make could compete the easiest. Gold leaf accents, endangered animal hides for seat covers, rhino horn buttons, a V16 (at least) engine with 1000 * some Chinese lucky number horsepower….. And delivered with a chauffeur (preferably a blond guy from an outconmpeted economy somewhere west). Heck, even throw in some Mao style military tech that no western automakers could ever get their hands on…

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    Not sure RR had ‘Fireman Red’ in mind when they started their ‘Bespoke’ offering…

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    Wow, is that hotel really big enough that they need 30 of these things?!

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