The Mustang Embargo Is Done

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

Ah, it’s the sad truth that the only way I’ll ever be on the cover of anything is if I’m wearing a helmet. So it is here, as I drag a loaner-helmet-wearing passenger around the Motown Mile.

So. What do you want to know about the Mustang?

A collection of PCOTY Mustang impressions can be found on the R&T site as of an hour ago. To what I’ve written there, I’ll add the following: This Mustang is a step beyond its competition into the bigger world of RWD performance sedans like the 3-Series BMW and its competitors. No, it’s not as space-efficient as something like an Infiniti Q50, but it offers a significant power advantage over those cars at an equally significant price savings.

On a fast back road, the Mustang really comes alive. It works with you everywhere you need it to. Even the brakes are better than they used to be — although if you really want to track the thing you’ll want to invest some of that price differential into a set of real six-piston stoppers. It’s a winner in every sense of the term. The wait is over, and it’s justified.

Jack Baruth
Jack Baruth

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  • DC Bruce DC Bruce on Sep 18, 2014

    Interesting set of opinions in the article. My one experience with a post-Fox Mustang was a V-6 rental of the current version. I thought the car was a pleasant drive through the Olympic Peninsula, but felt heavy. The engine was nice, but not Mustang-like. As one would expect of a smaller-displacement motor, massive torque off the line was not available; but the top end was strong. I'm wondering if the turbo 4 is lighter than either of the large engines and yields benefits in the form of more even weight distribution. Neither the 4 or nor the V-6 is going to "sound like a Mustang." Only the V-8 does that. The other question is whether either of the smaller displacement engines are going to be speed-limited because of other drivetrain weaknesses (the carbon fiber drive shaft on the current V-6). It's too bad the V-6 is relegated to "secretary's car" duty (no performance pack). While I recognize the turbo 4 undoubtedly has the fatter torque curve (especially useful with an automatic transmission), for me the V-6 would be the better drive (with a manual, if available). I'm just not wild about turbo charged engines' power delivery -- a little too unpredictable for me. And I'm betting in the real world, the V-6 beats the turbo 4 in fuel economy. I have a friend who has the current version of the GT with the 5.0 and all of the performance goodies. He recently traded it for a Focus ST; said he was tired of paying the fuel bills.

    • FormerFF FormerFF on Sep 18, 2014

      " Neither the 4 or nor the V-6 is going to “sound like a Mustang.” Only the V-8 does that." A few weeks ago a Camaro with an aftermarket exhaust motored down the street. This particular one was a six cylinder one, and I'd have to say the sound coming out was all wrong. From a Nissan Z car or a BMW it would have been fine, but from a Camaro only that V8 rumble will do.

  • 3Deuce27 3Deuce27 on Sep 19, 2014

    Jack, According to my Ford 2015 Mustang 'Dealer Packaging Guide', the 'GT Performance Package'(Fastback only) includes 6-Piston Brembos with larger rotors on the front. It would be the first upgrade for me on an Ecoboost, which has 4-Piston front brakes. "its amazing how many drivers, even at the Formula one level, think that brakes are for slowing a car down"_ Mario Andretti In addition, from the Guide; Steering - driver-selectable effort electric power assisted (EPAS) with pull-drift compensation and active 'nibble' control.

  • Wmba Wmba on Sep 24, 2014

    Just read Autocar UK's review of the new Mustangs. They didn't care much for the 2.3 turbo, noting a loud boom at 4,000 rpm. Both it and the 5.0 had an unacceptable low-speed ride on CA freeways. They recommend the 5.0, just like every car nut on UK car sites has fantasized. The general feeling for years has always been if you're going to get one, why pi*s about with the four.;fitScript=0/car-review/ford/mustang/first-drives/2014-ford-mustang-first-drive-review

  • Fdesalvo Fdesalvo on Oct 30, 2014

    I ventured out of Jap-happyland one too many times. Ford can't keep a drive shaft, rear diff, and trans output bearing from breaking on my 14 GT - I don't race or launch the car either. Car was special ordered and at 2K miles, the warranty work was ordered and it took 2 months to complete. A week later, the sounds returned. he dealership that did the repair denies there's an issue and the other dealerships acknowledge, but won't touch lol. I've also had the worst exp with service techs here...Ford must hire angry drunks. No local dealership has completed work or maintenance without leaving parts off of my car or forgetting to button things up properly. Last straw was when they apparently used a brick wrapped in tinfoil to wash my car (without my permission). Black looks so nice! Sure is fast, but with the lousy quality and service from local dealerships being nonexistent, what's that even matter? When you buy a Ford, you are on your own - at least that's the case within a 50 mi radius of my apt in SoCal. The silver lining is Ford is being forced to buy this turd back. Can't wait. Good riddens, best sounding car I've ever owned in my life.