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Right now, 4,000 2015 Nissan Rogues are on their way from South Korea to North America, supplementing production of the crossover in Smyrna, Tenn. as part of an agreement signed between Renault Group, Nissan and Renault Samsung Motors in 2012.

Just-Auto reports the Rogues were assembled in RSM’s Busan, South Korea facility, where 80,000 units per year will head for the container port to the NAFTA market over the next five years. The figure will contribute to a total of 500,000+ units annually, spread out over nine plants around the world.

The export plan isn’t only a win for RSM –securing a stable production volume of 30 percent of what can be built in Busan — but for consumers on the West Coast who would like to have a Rogue in their parking space, but must wait due to a volume shortage.

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11 Comments on “First 4,000 2015 Nissan Rogues Leave South Korea For NAFTA Market...”

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    Lazer beams on the front window!

    I’d love to put an NA version next to an SK version, then poke around both of them and see if I felt any differences.

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    Good to see Nissan hit a home run with these.

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    Are the new ones as tinny as the old ones? Serious question.

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      Good question, but why stock them isn’t CR-V better?

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      Flybrian: Granted, I didn’t have a great deal of seat time in the first-gen Rogue, but I didn’t find it to be overly ‘tinny’ – certainly no more so than any CR-V I’ve been in. We’ve had our 2nd-gen Rogue for 9 months and have been very pleased overall, especially with refinement. Most pro reviews mentioned an increase in refinement over the first gen, too.

      Certainly it’s not a luxury car experience, but the interior is quiet, doors shut with a reassuring ‘thunk’ and the Rogue has a composure on the road that is beyond its humble underpinnings. I measured 69 dBA while cruising at 70 MPH – which is very quiet to my ears, especially if you compare to a typical compact (which ours replaced). Bad expansion joints still provide a decent ‘pop’ at highway speeds, so there’s that.

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      I wouldn’t say so. I test-drove it when I was helping my grandmother shop for cars. It’s definitely no Mercedes-Benz, but it’s got great styling, a comfortable interior, all the features you’d want, and is priced fairly. It was even a bit more entertaining to drive than I remember the previous-gen Rogue being. The reason my grandmother didn’t buy it…is that she thought it was too big for her.

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    I preferred our 2012 CRV to a rental Rogue I had for about a week. More refined, substantial feel to the CRV. However, both of these cars have evolved. The Rogue is an all new model. The CRV has the CVT in the FWD (the one we have) and who knows yet how this engine/trans combo will work in the hilly, PITA traffic of L.A.
    I’d give the Rogue a good long look if I were in this market.

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    Rogue, the slightly longer wheelbase version, with el crappo interior to keep the price down, version of the Euro market Qashqai. Nissan is set to make almost a million of these twins per year.

    Someone likes ’em.

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    Apparently this is needed: took my aunt to look at one, and was told by the salesman that the $4k ADM was nonnegotiable and that a top-end SL would be impossible to get.

    The new Rogue seems much better than the old one, but it’d have to be stellar to warrant THAT kind of abuse.

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