Recalled GM Cars See Bigger Price Drop Over Other Used Vehicles

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
recalled gm cars see bigger price drop over other used vehicles

Are your children about to start college? Maybe it’s their senior year in high school? Looking for a cheap vehicle and don’t mind if it’s been recalled to death by its automaker? Then a vehicle caught up in the General Motors recall parade might be the one, as prices have fallen hard as of late.

Jalopnik reports a study by says the six vehicles that kicked off the parade — Chevrolet Cobalt, Saturn Ion, Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, Pontiac G5 and Chevrolet HHR — saw their used car prices drop 14 percent between March and June 2014, compared with 6.7 percent for other used vehicles in the same period.

The biggest loss leaders were, of course, the Cobalt and its sister G5, with a 13.7 percent drop in price. That said, if you ever wanted a Cobalt SS coupe or sedan ( or XFE for that Prius-esque fuel economy without the hipster connotations), or a Saturn Sky Redline, this might the time to pick one up.

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  • Icebluerose1 Icebluerose1 on Sep 22, 2014

    Just how many recall notices am I going to received telling me my car is unsafe to drive, but the parts to fix the several issues with the 2005 Malibu Maxx are unavailable? I bought this car new in 2005, and GM was aware of this problem with the .57 ignition, airbags not deploying etc..for several years now, and this year (2014), I've received several notices that translates to: "we sorry, we know we gambled on no one discovering our lack of manufacturing a safe, dependable, quality vehicle, and it caused at least 13 deaths that we'll admit to, but we don't have the parts to correct the defaults. However, when the parts become available, we will inconveniently schedule an appointment to repair the life-threatening defaults at our cost", Well big frigging deal. How generous of you! What is the consumer to do if this is the vehicle used in the daily commute and there isn't an other available option like public transit? GM could at the least provide (safer) loaners or replace the affected vehicles. This is one of the reasons many American consumers discontinued purchasing American made vehicles several years ago beginning in the eighties in the first place . Just when we thought it was safe to buy American automobiles again, not only is the vehicle unsafe, there's no consumer resolution unless there's injury or death. Well you fooled me once, but never again GM. Not only will I not purchase your vehicles, I will prevent anyone else as well and as you know, 'word of mouth' is the most effective. I want a resolution to this potentially fatal negligence immediately.

  • PonchoIndian PonchoIndian on Sep 22, 2014

    You could always go out and buy a Honda, their airbags work. The only problem is that their airbags shoot shrapnel at you when they go off and you may lose and eye or bleed out after it gets you in the neck. Of course, they've only known about it since 2007.

  • TheMrFreeze Wife and I bought just bought new (to us) daily drivers...both have manual transmissions and neither has any kind of "new" safety nanny technology in it. By choice. That's how we roll.
  • IanGTCS Where I live safety inspections are only required when transferring ownership except between spouses. The ministry or police can in theory pull unsafe vehicles off the road but I haven't heard of that happening. Commercial vehicles over a certain weight required annual inspections and I've seen unsafe ones removed from the road a few times. I'm honestly fine with no regular inspections. A ball joint or bearing can go from fine to goodbye wheel in less time than a year anyways. Can't say I see too many total wrecks driving around so it would be kind of pointless.
  • IH_Fever No. I'd rather that money be spent to enforce vehicle laws on an as needed basis. The 10 year old car with a check engine light on for some sensor is a danger to no one. The crapbox with 5 different color body panels, paper tags and saran wrapped windows is more of a concern.
  • Xidex I will have to say, I do not like Camaro's especially the latest ones, but that is one sweet looking car !
  • SCE to AUX Say, when's that goofy rotary range extender coming to the US for the lame MX-30 EV?Not gonna happen, but at least I can get a pricey paint job on a CX-5.