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Those of you among the B&B that listen to rap – so, myself and the assorted friends of mine who read the site – better get used to a new name in luxury automobiles: Pullman.

These patent renderings show what the new million-dollar Mercedes Pullman will look like. I can’t decide whether it’s more or less ostentatious than the outgoing Maybach 62, which looked like a Korean OEM’s idea of a European luxury car. This, on the other hand, looks like that same vision but interperted through the eyes of a Middle Eastern monarch. And the fact that it’s 21 feet long and covered in armor plating does little to disuade that notion.

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    It’s not gorgeous, but it’s fine. It looks like an S Class, only more so. I bet it’ll look properly imposing in black.

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    Looks too much like a hearse with the current ultra long passenger door, also the tallness makes it look ungainly. For the crazy money this will cost, I’d still rather have a Roller.

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      “the tallness makes it look ungainly”

      Anyone important enough to ride in this probably would object to orthopedic torture from a “stylish” roofline.

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        Earlier S-classes such as W126 and W140 were of adequate height with formal roof-lines and still accomplished the same task. The designers may have been going for the classic Mercedes 600 “tall” look, but they’ve failed.

        Additional: Just styling it completely as the 600 would have made more sense. For the amount of money being spent on these custom body panels and fascia/grille over the S-class platform would have been appropriate from a cost standpoint.

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    Somewhere, a whale just got a boner from looking at these pics.

    It’s so ungainly, and god-awful with the chrome vertical trim all down the side. I’ve seen a similar aftermarket effect on PT Cruisers. I feel the Maybach was better looking than this, and even managed to have more dignity.

    I expect better from something with the Pullman name.

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      “I feel the Maybach was better looking than this, and even managed to have more dignity.”

      I agree 100%. This looks to me like a hack job stretch S-Class. I’m sure it’ll look better in person, but it’s still ultimately a prom bus, which I’m guessing is not the look they’re hoping for.

      When will the super-rich realize that the super-duper-rich drive the same cars as the ordinary-rich? Paul Allen may drop $200 million on a yacht and untold amounts on a fleet of classic cars, but you don’t see him tooling around town in a Rolls.

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    They should build the plant in Chicago where the old Pullman factory used to be. It would bring U.S. jobs, be historically consistent and the South Side of Chicago is definitely a haven for gangsta rap culture. Match made in heaven.

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    Still says “Equus Limo” at first glance to me. If I ever see one in traffic I’ll have to check the badges to be sure.

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    I don’t like the logo on the front. It just looks like a blur that would cover up a logo.

    In this case, I think they covered the Hyundai logo, because this looks just like an Equus to me. With the wheels off a Chrysler 200.

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    The ride of the Chinese capitalist/senior governmental Mandarin has arrived.

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    It’s as subtle as one of those Excalibur limos.

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    Why does looking at these photos make me want to invade Poland?

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    slow kills

    If the car’s 21 ft long, it looks like that rear door is about six feet long.
    I wonder if Rush Limbaugh will get one and drive it around himself, like he does with his Maybach.

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      Well, I’d say it’s certainly big enough to lug around him in the front, and his ego / hot air in the back…

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      Joe McKinney

      Around 7 or 8 years ago I saw a Maybach in Palm Beach, FL. I have always wondered if this car belonged to Rush.

      Palm Beach is a place where Bentleys and Rollers are so common you hardly notice them. The Maybach stood out because it was the only one I saw. Lots of Benleys and Rollers, quite a few Astons and Ferraris, but just the one Maybach.

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    Let us know when some interior photos or renderings are available. It’s big and projects power, so it’s off to a good start.

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    I remember seeing pictures of J.P. Morgan’s private Pullman (rail) car. It had a kitchen, bedroom, and full bath. This must be more like the suitcases.

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    The front end’s kinda ubiquitous, no imposing DS 420 or Phantom VI here. Heck it lacks the pull of the 600. Must be for ubiquitous state duty where it doesn’t matter if it gets shot up a bit.

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    I honestly didn’t think Mercedes-Benz had the chops to go up against Bentley and Rolls-Royce, but now I’m convinced it’s the only brand that *can* (not necessarily because of this design, BTW). For example, I’m a huge Bentley fan, but I’d be hard-pressed not to choose the S65 AMG Coupe over a Continental GT…

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    Hard to know what it will look like in real life without the little flags on the front fenders in the pictures. If I was that wealthy I believe I’d be chauffeured in a Deusenberg or something.

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    LBJ was once asked if he had any suggestions for the next president. His reply was, “always pee before a motorcade”. I’m always reminded of that remark when I see something like this. Should I ever be a dictator I’d want an armored RoadTrek-like vehicle so I could snack and take care of my bodily functions. Life is too short to be denied comfort.

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      As I pointed out, the Pullman rail car had a full bath, but a limo might have to make do with a flip up seat, and some kind of curtain. Louis the XIV had a flip-up installed in his throne, but he had attendants to take away the porcelain, wipe him and spray perfume, so he could “go” while meeting with foreign dignitaries. It takes a certain something to pull that off, but I’m sure there’s a French phrase for it.

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    Well…it looks like every other modern car stretched too long that still attempts to maintain the style of the normal-length car:


    If I had the cash, I’d skip this whale schlong and restore, or just have rebuilt from scratch with modern tech, a 600 Grosser.

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    After searching Google for Pullman Muzik, I found out Muzik is not the name of the vehicle. It’s a pun off a song titled Maybach Muzik. Damn, I am too old for this shizzle.

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