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If you like your Volvo XC90, you can keep it – as long as you live in China.

This spyshot from shows the newly dubbed “XC Classic“, while Just-Auto reports that the XC Classic will be built in China, at first using imported components, with local content ramping up over the life of the vehicle.

The current-gen XC90 was once Sweden’s most valuable export, with a value of close to $6 billion during the peak of its 636,000 unit production. Given the investment in a Chinese production facility, it’s not unreasonable to expect the XC90 to be built for another decade or so, including a Geely badged spin-off. That should give the car a two decade production run, making it one of the longest-running Volvo vehicles in recent years.

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10 Comments on “Current Volvo XC90 Will Keep Trucking Along...”

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    Since I don’t live in China, I have to turn my XC-90 in? And to whom?

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    I was looking for a family car a few months ago and the Volvo XC90 came up on my shortlist.

    Available with a V8 engine? Check.

    Seven seats? Check.

    High ground clearance and all wheel drive for occasional light off-roading? Check.

    Reasonably priced as a used car? Check.

    Reliable? Not so much. Oh dear…

    I got myself an RX350. Very happy with it so far.

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      I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago, only it was to be a new car.

      I was in the market in late 2011 and the V8 was dropped around that time.

      Also the split tailgate is plain stupid.

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    Canada had a rare instance of this in North America with the Golf / Jetta City, MKIV versions sold until 2010. A bit of an ugly update to the bumpers but otherwise the cars aged pretty nicely and were, I think, more fun to drive than the MKV/IV. Even with the 2.slow.

    As for the reliability foibles of the XC90s, they’re pretty predictable. Well-maintained ones usually hold up much better, but they don’t have the high-mileage near-unkillability of the XC70 / V70s. The biggest problems I’ve seen are the front axle being seized in the bearings, ABS / traction control issues, and a cup holder cover that gets expensive to repair when jammed.

    Except the 2003-2005 T6. Beware that one.

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    When it receives one more minor refresh…

    And appears in a movie starring William H. Macy selling them…

    Then be driven exclusively by poorer rural Chinese who will equip them with donuts and sport $200 Maaco repaints that cover all exterior trim…

    Then – and ONLY then – will it EARN its place as the NEW Cutlass Ciera.

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