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On the strength of rising SUV sales in China, General Motors will likely add production of its next-generation Cadillac SRX in the emerging market in order to better capitalize on said sales.

The Wall Street Journal reports Cadillac as a whole is doing well in China, sales rising 72 percent from January through May 2014 to 33,760 units with the SRX making up the bulk of those sales at 14,496 units, a rise of 23 percent for the crossover in the same five-month period compared to 2013. The current model goes for ¥420,000 ($67,770 USD), and has been on sale in China since 2009.

The new SRX would likely arrive as a 2016 model, with the hope Chinese production would help the automaker avoid tariffs on imported models; the crossover is only assembled in Mexico at the present. GM itself has big plans for its premium brand, including a $1.3 billion plant in Shanghai, and a goal of 300,000 units sold/10 percent share of China’s premium market by 2020.

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8 Comments on “2016 Cadillac SRX May See Local Production In China...”

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    Speaking of the SRX, I guess I don’t see the appeal of an SUV that can easily be optioned past $50k but which shares most things with my lowly Equinox, a vehicle that can be had for less than half of that price.

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      Shared parts and architecture are essential to holding down costs. I think if the overall package feels like it’s worth $50K, then fine. If we are back to Cimarron city, then shame on Cadillac.

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        I’m all for platform-sharing. That said, when you have a $50-55k Cadillac SRX, you’re still basing it off of a platform that’s much less expensive. This either means GM takes a huge loss on each Equinox and Terrain built, and the platform is really excellent, or it’s a cheap, $22,000 crossover platform that GM makes $50k+ off of whenever they sell an SRX.

        The dash moldings are identical, the Equinox and Terrain use hard plastic and I am pretty sure the SRX does as well. The center stac is identical. There simply isn’t enough differentiation for it to make sense, to me.

        I like my Equinox, but when looking at a vehicle to eventually replace it, I could never look at an SRX. That’s from a guy who loves Cadillac’s styling, BTW.

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      For the life of me, I don’t see why people have a problem with platform sharing. Why do people care about the underpinnings of a vehicle being shared with another?

      You know what makes up the difference in price? The interior, suspension, refinement, wheels and tires, engine upgrade, and as much as I hate to say it, the name.

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      If the average Joe can look at an SRX and an Equinox and see two different vehicles, then the branding team has done its job.

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