Toyobaru Might Only Last For One Generation As Partnership Under Evaluation

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
toyobaru might only last for one generation as partnership under evaluation

The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ may only exist for one generation, as comments by the car’s chief engineer suggest a dissolution of the partnership between Toyota and Subaru.

Speaking to an Australian outlet, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada was cryptic about whether a next-generation sports car would have Subaru’s involvement. Tada left open the possibility that the future alliance with BMW could yield an entirely new product, one that abandons the boxer layout for an inline engine or alternative powertrains.

Tada suggested that supercapacitors, like those used in Toyota’s LeMans effort, would provide a new solution for adding hybrid technology to a next-generation sports car. But Tada was adamant that turbocharging is not an avenue he wanted to pursue, stating

The trend of powertrains is of course downsizing and turbo charging, but my opinion is to retain natural aspiration in the future.”

Adding hybrid technology would allow the future sports car to keep its N/A engine while adding power and reducing its emissions and fuel consumption. But in the near-term, Tada’s team is exploring ways to improve performance of the current car, including more displacement, better intake and exhausts and even a revised final drive ratio.

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  • Stanczyk Stanczyk on Jun 24, 2014

    all this bla bla bla from CEO to boost a weak sales ? [.. and whats the cooperation-deal theyare breaking with Subaru if Toyota owns Subaru !? ] ... They'll kill that car instead of differenciate them(diferent design-Subaru shouldn't look like Toyota!) and put some more muscle(i.e Subaru - turbo , Toyota - SuperCharger or these 'Le-Mans' tricks), because these cars look like '5sec to 60' and deliver times worst than slower hot-hatches..

  • 3Deuce27 3Deuce27 on Jun 24, 2014

    Here we go again, the same mostly lame comments by keyboard jockeys who would never buy an FRS/BRZ, don't understand what it is, and have never driven one on the street or track. All those complaining about power, couldn't use the power it has on the track or serious twisties, just a bunch of on-ramp cowboys who think they are real macho auto jocks. But hey! It's good for clicks. And a bigger back seat, it's a GT, not a 2-dr saloon with sporty intentions. It can't be everything, or it wouldn't be what it is. Again... my hat is off to Tetsuya Tada creating a master piece for few dollars, and for holding the line and keeping the FRS true to its intent, which is sorely misunderstood by the so called car enthusiasts here who think their comment matters, no matter how lame. B&B my ass

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    • Jetcal1 Jetcal1 on Jun 24, 2014

      Well 3D27, no head room. And a sales guy told me a lot of people were turned of by the lack of an extensive "options" list which to me means the average Joe or Josephine ain't looking for cars like the twins anymore. Now for more power, is there room go from a boxer to a H? Wouldn't that be a trip!

  • Michael Peerson Michael Peerson on Jun 24, 2014

    Not surprised, Niche market car that is a bit bloated. I think this is more bloat for engine displacement issues here in the BR-Z, it is a hoot to drive yes, but eh. It needs something. And bloat is is the problem, only thing I can thing of besides.. grunt. Torque... This also brings me to the modern turbo problem. Yeah they got the torque if you step on them.. and he is right. Turbo engines are great, for sports fizzy crackling hot in your hands car. Real world, how bout a nice modern, high compression (11.5:1 sounds nice, modern cats can clean that up) with a fairly torque cam grind. It works low in real world. It works on the freeway. It feels larger, and because it is slightly lazy is easier to drive. Granted this does not make something slow. Now thing of what the little 1.0 eco boost is doing to make torque at 2000 RPM's it is shoving as much air in there as it can and adding MORE FUEL!. To make um what... heat .. a hair dryer spin. Little displacement, the right gearing and well you can make any car feel like any thing if you give it enough gears. It is the difference around here between the 94 Legacy, the 90 Loyale and the 05 WRX. The Legacy and the Loyale are out the door faster to daily drive than the 05 WRX.. Just not something that comfortably with out a care in the world does something it all. Sure it is fun when I commute the east end of 120. But I have to pay hyper attention. In the Legacy I leave it in fifth and just do the commute. Only shifting a few times. Loyale is the same way, but someone always snags it before I commute 120.. Note. The WRX is stock. Note Both the Loyale and the Legacy have 2.5's with 2.2 heads and delta torque cams. (With the stock intake and Y pipe.. about 190 horse and 195 ft.lbs *can I have one dyno run?*) Full California Emissions. Compressions is around 11:6:1 I run premium at 5000 to 8600 ft elevation..... daily. PS.. The Loyale is quite lively to drive being only 2500lbs with a half tank of fuel so my scale at work says. And no I dun work at a track, sorry.

  • Bd2 Bd2 on Jun 25, 2014

    For the largest automaker in the world, Toyota is sure letting others do a lot of its development work.