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Maserati may have had a slow 2013 as far as sales go, but the Italian brand is on pace to sell within the first half of 2014 as many cars as it had in the last year.

Reuters reports CEO Harald Wester said that while the United States was Maserati’s biggest market, China, Italy and Europe as a whole were making big sales waves for the brand, likely helping it move 15,400 units both in 2013 and the first six months of this year. He added that Maserati was on pace to hit its mark of 50,000 units sold annually by 2015, and 75,000 by 2018 as part of parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ five-year plan.

In product news, Wester proclaimed the Levante SUV would head for the showroom late next year or sometime in 2016, followed by the Alfieri in hardtop and convertible forms. Meanwhile, no new factories would be built, with an effort on filling current plants to full capacity in its fight to best the Germans in the sales game.

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28 Comments on “Maserati Sells As Many Units Through June 2014 As It Had For All Of 2013...”

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    The Ghibli is most likely their saving grace but at $93,000 similarly-equipped to my JGCSRT…

    …there’s still A LOT OF EQUIPMENT YOU DON’T get.

    -SRT style performance apps
    -ventilated seats

    The CTS V-sport, Lincoln MKS and XTS-V give you way more.

    Ghibli’s ride is stiff and punishing like riding in a GT-R.

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      I really enjoy your comments on several topics, but I think you are out of your depth when it comes to Maserati.

      NO prospective Ghibli buyer would even think about buying any of the alternatives you mentioned (Grand Cherokee? Please…). The pure feature-list comparison doesn’t matter in any way.

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      Big Al from Oz

      BTR, by the sounds of it you still want to drag race seniors at the lights driving a Focus in your Challenger.

      What ever you do don’t buy an Australian tuned vehicle. The suspension might be to harsh. It might handle.

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        The mistake all of you are making is assuming that:

        #1 The Ghibli is anything more than a redressed LX

        #2 I’m not “used” to better things.

        You’re talking to a former leasee of a W221, the former leasee of a Jaguar XJ-L and the future leasee of a W222.

        I treat cars like fashion accessories and I hop from one to the next. Corporate credit is awesome ain’t it?

        Anyway: The Ghibli doesn’t feel like a premium product. With the exception of the exterior design, there is NOTHING in the Ghibli that you couldn’t get in a Jeep SRT or 300 SRT.

        It’s got the exact same Uconnect as the DART – same window switches, same buttons, etc.

        The only difference is the Engine – which they want to make you believe is a Ferrari special…

        The car rides too rough and it doesn’t justify its price.

        You are free to disagree with me, but that’s my stance and as far as I’m concerned, that’s WHAT IT IS.

        Feel free to make YOUR OWN YOUTUBE REVIEW and your OWN WRITTEN REVIEW. I’d love to read them/watch them.

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          And a Pentastar-derived engine to boot..

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          You are just too much.

          Your agenda on TTAC is;

          1. A Chrysler product is the best you can buy.(You or your relative is selling Chryslers?)

          2. Convince people that you are rich.

          Neither is of any interest to the majority of readers here.

          I suggest that you stop posting here and get your own blog where you can brag and tell everyone to buy a Chrysler product.

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            I think it’s that modern mentality of “The more obnoxious I am, the more people pay attention to me, the more people click on my links.” Like a troll’s version of Buzzfeed and company’s clickbait. It’s nice that most commenters here also see through him.

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            #1 A Chrysler product is not the best you can buy. It’s just better than most – but I’ll let sales do the talking.

            #2 I’m not “rich”

            I’m Wealthy.

            If my posts offend you, don’t read them.

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            “#1 A Chrysler product is not the best you can buy. It’s just better than most – but I’ll let sales do the talking.

            #2 I’m not “rich”

            I’m Wealthy.

            If my posts offend you, don’t read them.”

            1. Tell me what car is better than a Crysler.
            2. Who gives a rats shit if you´re wealthy or rich.
            Yes your posts offend me and most of the TTAC readers, but that´s what you want Cry. fanboy.

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            U MAD???
            Stop crying kid.

            In fact, you should subscribe to my channel LOL. I’ll teach you how to earn.

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      juicy sushi

      But what if I want none of that, but want good handling, and really, really good looks?

      A hard ride is a bit of a downside for the average person who is in that market, but other than that, it does what it’s supposed to do.

      It’s a premium Italian sedan. It’s supposed to look gorgeous (check), sound outrageous (depending on model) and go really fast (which it can do well enough).

      It hits all the boxes that the market would demand of it. The logic you are trying to use here, well, I can understand it, but it fails to address the market the car is appealing to. I could get a big motor, fancy apps and stuff from other car companies. But they don’t give me something that looks and sounds like THAT. Which was the whole point…

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    A couple of years ago i thought that Maserati was doomed, but they have rised like a phoenix.
    They have style and a name that can sell crap, but todays Masers are not that bad.
    Full time Chrysler fan boy no 1 compares Maserati with some pleb transportation!!!

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    All it needs are fat whiskers and a river bottom to graze.

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    +1 Kenmore

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    Everyone laughed when Sergio The Great said Maserati would sell 50,000 vehicles in 2015. Look whose laughing now. Now he says Alfa Romeo will be selling 400,000 cars by 2018. More chuckles. We’ll see who has the last laugh on that one.

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    Wow that is a gorgeous car!

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      Amen. My wife and I saw a guy driving a 2005/2006 Quattroporte the other day (with temp tags indicating a new-to-him purchase, which I thoroughly approve!) and she wouldn’t believe me when I told her that car was pushing 10 years old. Something about their stunning lines makes Maseratis from the past 15 years look fabulous in a sea of Aston Martin clones and Audi-wannabes.

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        2005 quattroporte?

        The one with slightly dowdy exterior styling (complete with portholes even!) combined with legendary Italian reliability and build quality (TM).

        Now almost 10 years old?

        No thanks.

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      Tis true, tis true.

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    That Alfieri is one gorgeous car. Not liking the Levante name for the new SUV though. Sounds too much like Leviathan.

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      Maserati should axe the SUV. That kind of vehicle does not belong in the lineup of a sports car brand. Obviously, this also means that Porsche should axe the Cayenne and the Macan.

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    Btsr, I bet you have a mirror in every room… made by Fiat Chrysisler natch.

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