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The maddest, baddest Jaguar F-Type will debut at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Focus ST Diesel, consider your thunder stolen.

Technical details haven’t been announced, but expect the 5.0L V8 in 550 horsepower trim to be under the hood. As if 495 wasn’t enough…

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23 Comments on “Jaguar F-Type Project 7 To Debut At Goodwood Festival Of Speed...”

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    Zekele Ibo

    >> Focus ST Diesel, consider your thunder stolen

    To be fair, I’m more likely to get an ST-D than buy an F-Type.

    No, wait, I didn’t mean…

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    There aren’t nearly enough cars painted British Racing Green but get that thing a tan or even saddle colored interior STAT!

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    Look, Jag, you can’t just murder the XK one day and then come back the next and dangle this in front of me. My emotions just can’t handle swings that fast, and I’m going to be forced to compensate with my checkbook at some point.

    I don’t know how anyone who owns a 911 gets laid ever again – all she’ll be thinking about is the guy she saw in this thing last week…

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    Please help me try to understand an alien culture:

    What can this car do that a Corvette couldn’t. Or a Mustang/Camaro for that matter. Acceleration, top speed, braking and skid pad numbers all better?

    Eyes roll back and strong men swoon when Jag-U-Ars get featured here.
    What are the demonstrable, objective reasons for this?

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      Charles T

      “demonstrable, objective”

      Well there’s your problem. Ask why a meal from a good restaurant is more expensive than a nutritionally balanced glass of Soylent when it has fewer calories and minerals and you’ll get the same answer.

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        So there’s no Screamingest-Banshee-In-The-World sort of chartable superiority in any physical performance parameter over it’s less expensive competitors?

        OK, then it’s like an aesthetic choice in colognes or wrist watches or BBQ sauce only cosmically more expensive. I thought there might have been some performance issue; not that I’d have valued that either but at least it would be objective and demonstrable.


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          Well, it lasts longer (hopefully) than a barbeque sauce or a cologne.

          Wristwatches may outlast it, but then again they’re apparently becoming just about as expensive as cars, at least the kinds the real connoisseurs rave about.

          Which means on a dollars-per-pound basis, any car — even the most expensive supercar imaginable — is vastly cheaper than the wristwatch.

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      “What can this car do that a Corvette couldn’t…”

      I know it’s largely a rhetorical question, but since you brought it up…
      I have never been a ‘Vette fan but, purely from a performance standpoint, it’s hard to imagine why one would spend 2-3 times the $$$ for ANY street-legal production car that, at best, MIGHT only marginally beat a C7 in whatever metric one cares to cite.
      You know all those people who say they’re gonna pick up a used C7 in a couple of years? Yeah, I’m one of THOSE people…

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        “largely a rhetorical question”

        Nay, it was entirely genuine from someone who *never* understood the speed thing and would take a G-Wagen over this Jag in a heartbeat were a lottery won.

        Tall, safe and useful beats low, fast and frivolous for me.

        Hmm… Fast & Frivolous kinda rolls right off the tongue, wonder why.

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          As a guy who doesn’t do the estate sale circuit, utility in second+ car (as this would be) is defined by its ability to make my prostate tingle when I goose it, and look very very nice indeed. Now, I’d need to think for a while if you asked if I wanted either an F-Type or a C7 for free, because I think the C7 looks A-OK right now. Can’t help you with the Jag thing, at these levels the differences are nebulous, sure. I’d still take a little Seven over the leather-wrapped options anyway.

          But it sounds like you don’t get the tingle, so you don’t get the appeal.

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            “make my prostate tingle”

            Your health care provider will eventually be doing that for you a little later in life.

            Best part is they’ll probably still be using propofol for an anesthetic so you’ll understand Michael Jackson better, assuming you ever wanted to.

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            It’s both cheaper and more exciting to have the Jaguar do it though.

            I already think Michael Jackson’s music was OK, if that tells you anything.

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            The most impressed I’d ever been with Jackson was when I saw the video of his very last rehearsal just before his death.

            The energy level and focus he displayed after years (decades?) of rhino-grade tranks was simply phenomenal.

            Joe Jackson deserves to rot in hell for what he did to that boy. Merciless as an insect, children merely tools.

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          Because William Lyons, the C type, Le Mans 1951.

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            I was always sort of agnostic when it came to MJ – insanely talented guy, yes – music-wise I could take it or leave it – didn’t know for sure, or care for that matter, whether or not he was really a pedophile.
            But in light of the facts (after years of rumor, innuendo, and speculation) that came forth after his death, and especially after seeing “This Is It”, I now feel that he was a truly tragic figure in the classic sense. And I am loathe to grant that characterization to celebrities generally, but in his case I believe it’s appropriate.

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            Agreed. He was simply fed into the Joe Jackson impresario machine at the tenderest of ages and a freaky, gender/race ambivalent mutant was extruded for exploitation.

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          “Tall, safe and useful beats low, fast and frivolous for me.”

          Confession: I’m not driving a diesel Golf because I can’t afford a C7 – where the rubber hits the road (that’s not even a pun, is it?) I tend to come down on the pragmatic side as well.
          But I always like to consider the possibility that one of these days I’m gonna say eff it and just throw down a bunch of $$$ on a fast car for the pure fun of it.

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          “Hmm… Fast & Frivolous kinda rolls right off the tongue, wonder why.”

          Yeah – that might make a good movie title (starring Nathan Lane of course), and if it did well there could be like 10 sequels…

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    I always though the F type as pretty, but not nearly as pants wettingly beautiful as others have thought. No longer. Consider my pants in need of a change.

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    If it ever became my intention to throw down way too much money on a car based solely on good looks, it’d be an Aston Martin, walking away.

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