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Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept SUV

Volkswagen appears ready to announce where its upcoming mid-size SUV — based upon the CrossBlue concept from the 2013 Detroit Auto Show — will be assembled.

Automotive News reports the decision could come as soon as next week at the earliest, though execs either don’t know or cannot say for sure, citing the automaker’s board’s tendency to keep things close to its Teutonic heart. Two locations up for nomination include Mexico and the beleaguered-by-politics plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. Either way, the new SUV will be produced and sold for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The only roadblock for production in the U.S. is whether or not a $300 million packaged offered by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development — pulled off the table in January of this year ahead of a then-impending United Auto Workers election at the Chattanooga facility — will actually be offered. Department PR chief Clint Brewer stated in an email that his department has attempted to contact VW, but nothing more has come of it thus far.

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19 Comments on “Volkswagen May Announce Location Of New SUV Production Next Week...”

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    I’m gonna guess the announcement will say Puebla. I might be crazy but I can’t see Chattanooga getting it after this whole UAW clusterbleep that continues on.

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      Don’t forget the TN govt and the rest of the UAW opponents. It takes two to clusterbleep.

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        Dave M.

        OMG I forgot about Clutch McCargo and that creepy moving mouth thing!

        What other organizational council can step into the void? Perhaps their chances would be better…..

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      The UAW has poisoned that well – like it has done everywhere else.

      TN would be smart not to give VW anything because the VW BofD is under orders from the German union. The UAW can’t win an honest election but VW can double cross the workers by recognizing the union w/o a secret ballot vote.

      The German union would like another Westmoreland-like failure and it seems they will eventually get their wish.

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      The fact that Mexico production is tariff-free to many more markets holds much more sway than anything that has to do with the UAW.

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      But Senator Corker promised…

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    I don’t see it going to TN. The Germans made a stink about needing a works council, so I expect them to stick to their threat.

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    Last time, I got yelled by some offended people for saying this was a manly looking SUV. So I will say it again here. I like the blocky look quite a lot.

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      Don’t remember that article, but I will say if I’m going to drive a vehicle that is tall and uniframe I would much rather be in a minivan then a wanna be SUV.

      CUVs – all the drawbacks of an SUV, minivan, and a car combined into 1 vehicle, for the moms with identity crisis, everywhere!

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      This Is Dawg

      Butt how do you feel about that deriere?

      Looks to me like they took a page from Acura’s “Chrome Everywharrr” book.

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        Dislike the back, it’s to van-y. And those brake light clusters will look dated quickly. And the rear design overall has already been done with the gen1 Touareg.

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    I hope it does go to Mexico. They will have to set up the tooling for AWD. Then they could build the Golf Sportwagen AWD that was at NY Auto Show. This could be a win.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Somehow I don’t think Tennessee will be the choice of VW.

    Choosing Tennessee will create to much political heat.

    I’ll bet Mexico.

    By the way that Crossblue looks great. I do like the look of some of the latest offerings from VW.

    I like that Amarok looking front end.

    It doesn’t have one of those small dick over sized big rig pickup grilles. That’s what makes the Amarok more attractive as a pickup.

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