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Alright, so that’s one way to deal with people driving Aventadors quickly through your neighborhood…

I’d suggest that just painting yellow accents onto an Aventador justifies the throwing of multiple rocks at the thing. (Cue the angry comments from our more literal-minded readers.)

Alex Nunez at R&T offers a fairly complete analysis of where the rock-throwing took place (a 25mph zone down the street from a school) and what laws might have been broken. All I can say is this: only in California.

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64 Comments on “But Does He Live In A Glass House?...”

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    This one should be fun. There are all sorts of things to rant on:

    Racing on public streets.
    Living on a six lane road and not expecting it.
    Continuing to put elementary schools on major thoroughfares (not necessarily what happened here, but it’s a pet peeve).

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    There’s a guy that lives down my block who owns a Cummins Ram with straight pipes and a stupid 5 gallon bucket sized exhaust tip. He liked to drive it wound out in 2nd gear past my house at 5am every morning. He has a loud ass Harley too. I would have liked many times to have thrown a rock at him but the most “retaliation” I have ever done was driving my MGB GT wound out in first past his house at 3AM for that week between when I bashed my resonator off on a county road and had it fixed. Yes it was insanely loud.

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    Nick 2012

    I don’t know the back story here, but if some jackass recklessly endangers my kids – where they have the reasonable expectation of no street racers in a school zone – all bets are off. Wonder if this guy’s kids were playing and at risk by boy racer.

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      I’d be mad as hell and throwing more than just rocks too.

      It would probably a lot like my angrier messenger days when my attempted murderers were dealt with by some U-Lock Justice.

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      Sounds cool until the driver of the car gets his head bashed in while hauling ass down the street and runs into the neighbors house killing the mom and the daughter watching TV.

      Some buffoon repeatedly driving recklessly down the street can easily be taken care of by either alerting the police and waiting for said driver to return and get busted by a waiting officer or if California is in any way like North Carolina a body can perform a citizens arrest when it comes to driving infractions and as long as you a have corroborating witness you can make it stick.

      Doubly so if a person is smart enough to whip out a cell phone and take video of the car in the act and possibly the face of driver.

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      Word ! That italian piece of crap be up on blocks.

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    Slingshots work much better.

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    I live on a residential street that is the only access to three other streets so there’s a lot of traffic, some of which gets as high as 40 mph in a 25 zone.

    My revenge fantasy is more like an ice cream cone tossed into an open window or sunroof.

    A big rubber band strung across the road at grille level isn’t likely to damage the car but it will get the driver’s attention.

    It’s interesting that rather than confronting the rock thrower or calling the police, the Lambo driver takes off to protect his expensive car.

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      On that rubber band thing, as a kid we had a residential street with a park that some d-bags were doing acceleration runs down. I only had the one rotten duck egg and didn’t want to risk a miss. The solution was a multi strand rubber band string with the egg in a paper cup. Sadly, in order to support the egg the string got strong enough to snap an antennae. The smell was horrific. The foot chase was epic. One of the car occupants didn’t realize we were the home team and got bit by a Doberman he was dumb enough to jump into the run with. Good times.

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    I would really like to build a car like this using a donor and replica kit – and my own design.

    These are too small for me, but the CTS-V Coupe would be a great basis for a custom body project.

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    You’d have to be crazy to throw rocks at someone’s car like this.

    PEOPLE GET SHOT around here for laying on the horn.

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      And sometimes people get shot for acting like jackasses in loud ricer cars. I think that if this had been a clapped out civic with a ricer exhaust, people on this board might feel differently about Mr. Stonethrower.

      He overreacted, but I’d probably have word with the driver of that car, myself.

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      I agree. Throw a rock at my car and I guarantee I will stop and discuss it. I will be armed. You will apologize and pay for the damage. Count on escalation.

      In my younger days, I stopped and took on a whole group of 20 somethings who threw a snowball. Nuts like me are out there. Do you really want to meet me?

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    See 7 up

    Soccer moms typically drive the fastest and with the least attention.
    At the very least, I’d assume a driver pushing a car in a short spurt on the inside lane to be at least aware of his surroundings.

    And, racing involves at least two. Perhaps he was street time trialing?

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      I’m not sure exactly how much of an issue the school is. I went to Gunn HIgh School in Palo Alto California, which if memory serves, was on a street very much like this one. But the school entrance was on a side street, and the place was arranged in such a way that no-one ***ever*** went out on the main thoroughfare on foot.

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        Well, apart from not having a median, Arastradero Road (the one that Gunn High School is on) was narrowed to two lanes in 2006, because of concerns for the bicyclists going to and from Gunn and a nearby elementary school. It has been the bone of contention, and multiple redesigns, ever since.

        No one in Palo Alto — the city that will have taken longer to build a branch library, for example, than we took to win a World War — has anything as low-tech as rocks, of course. But glance over this report on the street and be glad you don’t live there any more …

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    He had plenty of fault here, so he doesn’t want to involve the police.

    It is nutty to expect people to adhere to a 25 mile an hour limit on a street like this, though. If they want people to slow down, they should redesign the street to encourage slower travel, by narrowing it, adding chicanes, etc. Politically correct Cambridge Massachusetts actually did this with at least one major (one lane in each direction) street. they used chicanes, and as someone who drives that street quite frequently, you definitely automatically drive more slowly.

    One should think of a population of drivers not as moral agents, but statistically. On a street like this–absolutely straight, two ample lanes in each direction, a certain (probably predictable) percentage are inevitably going to exceed the speed limit, and a certain percentage are going to exceed it by a major amount, unless there are always cops around, or speed cameras.

    And a certain (probably very small) percentage are going to have anger issues such that they will be motivated to throw rocks at the speeders.

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      NYC is starting the same moronic thing with Vision Zero, the idea that accepting ANY injuries or deaths is not acceptable. While that sounds like something that any sane person would agree with, when you consider the sheer volume of pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles, it is ludicrous to think it is achievable. Of course the Mayor will try and the big gun in his arsenal is of course cameras and dramatically lowered limits. I don’t condone driving fast in zones like the Lamborghini driver did, but there has to be a reasonable expectation of what is necessary to keep a metropolis moving, and 25 mph speed limits and draconian fees and fines strikes me as a serious cash grab masked in a “won’t somebody think of the children” guise…..

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        People driving on narrow lanes and through chicanes are looking at the curbs instead of looking for pedestrians. People that advocate such ‘traffic calming’ schemes are some of my least favorite people.

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          People looking at curbs already can’t drive.

          I agree with you on humps, chicanes, and other schemes, but we are all trained that more lanes and wider roads have faster limits and are safer places to speed. Then there is the whole perception of speed difference with road width.

          If you build a road that looks like a 45 mph road, and then set a 30 limit, you are asking for trouble. My local favorite is a 30 mph “speedway”. It’s called Buffalo Speedway and it’s a 30 mph 4 lane road/speed trap.

          My other favorite is the local school district which likes to place new schools on what are already, or are planned to be, the busiest roads in town.

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        OK Husky, here I am as predicted. A friend of a family member was crossing a NYC street in a crosswalk on green holding his kids hand when a cab in a hurry executed the kid. The existing laws were not enforced and a fine of a couple c notes was issued. They passed yet another law to not enforce in the kids name. Until someone sues the city and police for not enforcing the laws it will stay the same. Your right to drive quickly doesn’t a extend into pedestrians bodies.

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      David, I like your thoughts on this.

      I live near a street that is commonly used for short bursts of acceleration because it’s six lanes plus a turn lane. To the south, it has a median, and to the north, it is four lanes with a median. We were about to get a median when a NIMBY threatened suit because they were going to make it “virtually impossible” for him to get to his home during school pickup. He was exaggerating wildly, but it gave the bureaucrats all the excuse they needed not to spend the money. They simply would not guarantee he could get left turn access to his drive even though that would have been simple to do, and then walked away.

      No one seems to understand that the huge width just invites drag racing (which by the way does NOT require an opponent). If you don’t allow boulevard speeds, don’t build a boulevard, and for Pete’s sake, don’t build a school on a major thoroughfare!

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    This is what happens when you mix Summers Eve with Massengill.

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    Why not call the cops? The rock throwing fool is lucky he didn’t get run over… or (as other mentioned) shot. The street is CLEARLY empty, not saying that gives the Lambo driver a free pass to race, but I’ve seen MUCH worst acts of bad driving – like people on cell phones doing 90 mph weaving thru rush hour traffic.

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    I don’t see any evidence of “street racing” here.

    I DO see an irate man standing in the middle of an EMPTY road, acting in a taunting, threatening manner, shouting and committing a DELIBERATE ACT OF VANDALISM.

    Arrest his ass.

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    We lived on a winding residential street that had several tight curves, one just thirty feet from our house, with the next curve 200 feet further down the road. The two curves bracketed a playground/small park, wherein many children played during warmer weather. Some douchebags in an older 5.0 Mustang thought it hilarious to slide through the curves (a la Gran Turismo style) at excessive speeds. Sure enough, one Saturday while I was out working in the front yard, there they were, again, racing through a residential area in the early afternoon while dozens of kids were playing in the park, including a pick-up game of soccer.

    The second time they came through, I stepped out into the middle of the road, brandishing a heavy steel shovel, and told the DB that if he tried it again, I was swinging the shovel, and then calling the police. He screamed at me to “Go ahead, fucker, try it!! My dad’s a cop and he’ll arrest your ass and throw you in jail!”

    I asked him if he could give me his dad’s phone number so I could call and tell him what his son had been up to. After some more profanity and threats ensued, I calmly stepped up to his car and swung the shovel down on top of the hood scoop, smashing it, and then took a swing at the windshield. He threw the car into gear and took off around me, but not before I got another good swing at the driver’s door.

    A few neighbours had watched the confrontation and a couple came out to let me know that if I needed witnesses, they would back me up if the police came calling.

    I know I was wrong, but sometimes a person pokes the bear just one too many times. I completely understand where the rock thrower is coming from.

    The jackwagon in the Aventador couldn’t find a race track, or empty country road to do his racing? Puhlease.

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    Any street with reasonable sight lines doesn’t need a 25mph or lower speed limit!

    A main thoroughfare off my side street is just so-marked. With today’s cars, 30mph would be fine — I set my Adaptive Cruise at 32 or 33. More than enough sight lines — I was nearly rear-ended in the classic ball-goes-out-in-street-with-child-following scenario — I was able to stop with plenty of space to spare. A couple folks who were watching were telling the girl to look out for cars! Thank heavens the driver of the Dodge Charger behind me was paying attention, though he got a little close for comfort!

    But I got my Accord Touring with the ACC for these occasions — I let the CAR, and not my lead foot, handle the all-too-common encounters with the “morality police” in front of me who mustn’t exceed the speeeeeeed limit! (Can’t say the same when school’s in session — the ACC disengages at 22mph, and the school limit is 20mph! :-| I cannot imagine how anyone can deal with the 15mph limits in some states!!!)

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      Kyree S. Williams

      I’ve never seen a 20MPH limit in a school zone. It’s always 25 around here…

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        The 15 mph school zones in Pennsylvania are soul-crushing.

        At least people who insist on doing the speed limit and nothing above can be gone around when there’s no opposing traffic, if there’s a school zone on your commute and no way around it without going out of your way, you just gotta suck it up and poke along.

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          I’ve actually passed folks toddling along on this road (two lanes and a center-turn lane), and was actually in a “train” of three cars passing someone who was doing 20…when school was on spring break!

          The worst one though, was when I was the second in a line of cars behind a PIZZA DELIVERY car doing 20 (in the 25 — again, no much for hot, fast delivery), and something caught my eye to the right. It was a kid on a BIKE on the adjacent sidewalk, PASSING us!

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    SCE to AUX

    Speed humps are proven to lower actual speeds. One study found that in a 25 zone, people were averaging 32 mph. Adding a speed hump (2-5/8 inches high x 12 feet long) lowered average speeds to about 23 mph.

    Such a reduction will cut braking distance in half, and thus could save a life someday. I would also guess that a Lambo would treat a speed hump most respectfully.

    As for the rock-thrower, I think he made his point.

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      I love speed humps. Cheap, effective control of dangerous cretins. And as you implied, the ground hugging nature of the most compensatory cars amplifies the effect.

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      I like speed humps too when driving a truck or SUV. But they’re no fun in a car unless it’s a real beater.

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      Speed humps may be effective, but they aren’t always the best answer and I definitely don’t want one on my street.

      My buddy bought a house near one. He constantly had car parts in his lawn, was trenched twice, and his neighbor’s tree was hit when one car left the road. The noise from irritated drivers was also a feature as was the destruction of the street and underlying sewer from the bouncing cars and trucks.

      I also have a pet peeve about people buying the house on a well known thoroughfare and then demanding humps to keep their kids safe. This is a hassle for people using the street for the past few decades as well as a value shift from the next street that will now get the traffic it wasn’t built for. These jerks risk their own kids, then the next street’s kids, the pedestrians and drivers all around, the municipal budget, etc. All because they wanted to save a few percent by buying on the busy street.

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      …i’ve found that speed humps are only really a nuisance between about five and fifty miles per hour, ergo the best solution is to speed up prodigiously on what would otherwise be a reasonable thirty-five mile-per-hour residential collector…

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    >>I’d suggest that just painting yellow accents onto an Aventador justifies the throwing of multiple rocks at the thing.

    The yellow IS wrong.
    Yet, somehow a solid lime green Aventador makes sense.

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    So, what do you figure the driver is, 4″ or less?

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      Anybody driving a car like that is making a clear statement:

      1) They pay money for their sex, assuming they live in the West.
      2) They’re hung like a field mouse.

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    I guess it must have been a female passenger. It would be a male passenger’s job to give the old man the beating, as he is far less identifiable.

    Eggs are more appropriate weapons. I don’t think I’d hit a guy for throwing an egg in that situation. Though it would be hard to resist if he sounded like that guy.

    I wonder what details proceeded all this? Something must have really worked the old dude up.

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    I hope everyone involved gets arrested.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I understand the rock-thrower’s frustration. Even if he took video evidence of the act to the police, there’s no guarantee that anything would be done. Someone who drives a Lamborghini could very well have “connections” with the local Powers That Be. But as reckless as the driver was, I draw a personal line at vandalizing other people’s property. I’m not going to key someone’s car just because he took my spot, I’m not going to slash my professor’s tires because she scored one of my papers as poor, and I’m *certainly* not going to chase after a Lamborghini and throw rocks at it. Figure out a different solution.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I fully support the use of controls like platforms, speed humps, roundabouts to control and reduce the speed of vehicles where needed.

    These types of controls are quite common in Australia. They have been important in reducing our road fatalities.

    If you complain about traffic control measures, my view is use the main thoroughfare.

    In some instances due to poor planning we have school on main thoroughfares and the speed limit nationwide is 40kph.

    Another alternative is the use of speed cameras. This would encourage safer driving in these types of areas.

    The worst offenders are parents who drive their kids to school each day.

    I would ask the parents to make their kids walk, especially if they only have to walk a kilometre or so.

    This guy with his rock throwing episode is showing as poor judgment as the driver who was a supposed ‘criminal’.

    Both should be fined for being total dicks.

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      I think that “main thoroughfare” is the problem. No one lives on one. They all point to a bigger road.

      Here is an example I like to use. In the late nineties, they demanded speed humps. Speeds were not often over 35 that I observed. In their favor it is not a divided road, not even a stripe. OTOH, the road starts at a big intersection with a light. On the other side of that light, the road is 4 lanes with lights every few blocks as it heads downtown. Immediately outside the neighborhood is a popular, high end shopping center. Two long blocks in the other direction, the road intersects another main thoroughfare with a light. The one street bisecting has a four way stop.

      I suppose there are are some people who bought in the forties still there, but for the rest, they knew what they were buying. It’s been that way since nearly when it was built. The lots are all over sized, with the homes on set backs from 30 to 40 feet. There was no actual danger. An occasional patrol car could keep traffic in line. Now, there are speed humps. Many of the close locals and knowledgeable commuters zip through the parallel roads without the lights, without the setbacks, and with many more children.

      Overall, danger has been increased in an attempt by some home owners to get a free lunch and improve their values while we all wear out suspension and road and scratch furniture in trucks, etc etc.

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        Big Al from Oz

        I suppose it’s all about risk evaluation.

        I know many places where pedestrian barriers along the kerb with overhead walkways are used, but it’s risk vs costs.

        I think the driver and the stone throwing guy are both in the wrong. If that length of roadway is a hazard you’d think the cops would be onto it. Or, maybe the rock thrower should organise a community group to represent grievances to the applicable authority.

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          Certainly this episode isn’t the best side of either party. I am actually less concerned with risk evaluation than I am the lack of concern for the overall effects of some control measures and the idea that simply lowering a speed limit is automatically a good idea. There never seems to be much attention paid to the things that influenced bad events. Shorten a yellow and the guy who runs the red is still at fault, but should the yellow be longer? No one cares.

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    Our town has a long standing speed trap at a bullet straight road which passes by an apartment complex, sporting a 25mph sign or five. If you live here you know to keep it below 30mph as you scan for Officer Bob hiding at the end of the row of parked cars. Thus, we townies are effectively rolling speed humps, holding down the speeds, 24/7. Sometimes you’ll get tailgated by clueless innocents, other times you see them on display at the roadside having a chat with Bob.

    If you think I flash my lights at oncoming traffic to let them know when Bob’s around, you’d be wrong. I guess I just don’t respect speed in a straight line much. Now, around a turn? I should be stoned

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      Anything below 30 on a straight road which has at least two marked lanes is ridiculous, as visual cues make 25mph feel like a walking pace, and it feels like I have less “control” of the car at that point.

      Mind you, I live in Ohio, where 85th-percentile speed limits aren’t set in statute, unlike Michigan to the north. As per reasonable statistics, my speed doesn’t vary on similar roads in Michigan: 33mph. Except the speed limit on light collectors up there is usually 30mph.

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    “a 25mph zone”

    Probably not. Google Streetview and the satellite imagery show parks, condos/ apartments and some sort of commercial building in that block.

    Those would make it a business district. Without a posted speed limit to the contrary, the default speed limit would be 35 mph. The school zone limit only applies when children are present, and then not in the block where he was driving.

    A four-lane road with a center median in a business district would probably end up with a 35 or 40 mph speed limit. 50+ mph would be a bit much, but not exactly up there with reckless driving, either.

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    Old man is lucky they didn’t beat the heck outta him. Classic case of a wannabe trying to regulate the actions of others and please don’t respond to me about speed limits and laws blah blah blah. All I saw was an old man vandalize someone’s property.

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    30-mile fetch

    For this guy to have a pocket full of rocks, I’m guessing there is a history that precedes the video of this Lambo or others gunning down this stretch of road. If that is the case, I side with the rock-thrower regardless of how silly he looks prancing along. I’m dyspeptic crank who would love to mandate silent mufflers on Harleys, so take that for what it’s worth.

    It’s risky exacting your own form of justice, though. He’s going to get shot or beaten to a pulp doing this.

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    Here in Oregon you can just issue the citation yourself. With a video showing the drivers face and the vehicle at speed it would be as easy as spending two half days to get it’s done.
    The real heroes issue them to LEO’s.

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    My guess is there’s a history of incidents before this one with these two. He was waiting there, it looks like this had been building for a while.

    But I don’t condone throwing a rock though to deal with a noise issue, the guy is gambling with his life when he does something like that. It’s also an over the top response that doesn’t fit the crime, it would be like shooting your neighbor’s dog because it barks too much.

    Even though I’m auto enthusiast and a motorcycle rider, one issue I’d like to see the “law” crack down on is “open pipes” on street cars. Motorcyclists are usually the worst offenders, and they hide behind that ridiculous line of “Open pipes save lives.”

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