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It seems Mrs. Beckham (and Range Rover) may have to deal with another brand knocking-off her style, thanks to Landwind’s introduction of the E32 soft-roader SUV.

CarNewsChina reports the Jiangling Motor Holding’s brand — which sells its wares in Europe as well as in its native market — is seeking to patent the Evoque-esque SUV’s design for the Chinese market, which will grace showrooms sometime in Q4 2014 for a price of 120,000 yuan, or just under $20,000 USD as of this writing; the Evoque’s base price is just over $41,000 for comparison.

Powering the E32 — based upon a shortened Landwind X8 — is a 2-liter turbo-four that delivers not Mrs. Beckham’s 240 horses and 250 lb-ft of sand-dune scaling torque, but instead just 190 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the power will be channeled through either six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic, as opposed to the Evoque’s nine-speed automatic and six-speed manual and automatic options.

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11 Comments on “Landwind E32 Bites (And Patents) Evoque’s Style For Local Market...”

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    Well that’s a new one. They used to just rip off designs, now they’re ripping off names as well. I’m looking forward to Fur Are E, Low Tuss, and Mass Ear Ott E.

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    For a country with so much money and production, they sure lack any semblance of creativity.

    I’d expect this to be produced from the high school drop outs on all those reality shows.

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      There are, to be fair, quite a few well-designed (and nice) Chinese cars that aren’t blatant rip-offs of something else.

      *cough* This isn’t one of them. *cough*

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    My guess is that if anything it will be more reliable then the Evoque.

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      heavy handle

      Have there been issues with the Evoque?
      I know that the LR2 (aka Freelander 2) that it’s based on is considered the most reliable Rover ever. Of course, the original V6 Freelander was the least reliable Rover (a hotly contested title), so the bad reputation remains.

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        I was going to say, has the LR2 recovered from the God awful reputation bestowed upon it by the Freelander?

        Also, LR2 should have been gone years ago, it looks ancient. I couldn’t believe when I checked the LR website the other day and it was still available as new. They’re really pulling a Galant with that one.

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    Of course nobody ever does anything about it least they upset their gravy train.

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    What an awful name, sounds like a bodily function.

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    Since the Chinese automakers only get recognized when they release blatant copies, why not do so, I guess?

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    So I wonder… just how bad are these Chinese cars? Because I would totally get one of these if it could be had for $20k, if it was like Mitsubishi or Kia quality levels.

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      Some of them are actually pretty good in terms of material quality and even mechanical quality, though even the best ones have a ways to go before they can match the coherence of interior design that Kia has, nowadays.

      But I’ve no firsthand experience of this particular brand, though they do sell vans here. Might be time to make a few calls. :p

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