Production-Ready Subaru Legacy To Make 2014 Chicago Auto Show Debut

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
production ready subaru legacy to make 2014 chicago auto show debut

After its worldwide debut as a concept at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show last November, the Subaru Legacy is ready to show-off its production-ready ensemble at next week’s 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

Though the teaser doesn’t offer much — as teasers are wont to do — it does offer glimpses of the sedan’s thin A-pillar, raked windscreen, and the matching LED lights up front and down back, all part of Subaru’s new design language. Judging by the lightly flared fenders, however, no 21-inch wheels — like those on the concept in LA — will be offered when the Legacy arrives in showrooms this year.

The production Legacy will debut February 6 at the Chicago Auto Show.

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  • Fozone Fozone on Feb 02, 2014

    i've owned every generation of legacy, so i'm interested in how this one turns out. Subaru usually beats this model with the ugly stick (save the gen-3), but the cars prove themselves to be so functional that their core audience doesn't care. The raked roofline gives me some cause for concern; perhaps they are going to try to push sedan-intenders into the wagon? The thing that makes me want to do a happy dance is the A-pillar. It is *tiny* compared to most new cars, and gives me some degree of hope that Subaru's engineers haven't forgotten that great visibility of one of the big reasons people buy their cars. Subaru is known for using more expensive, stronger (exotic?) metals in their B-pillars in order to improve safety, i wonder if they've done the same this time around to the A-pillar in order to keep it thin (?)

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    • IDANECK IDANECK on Feb 02, 2014

      I definitely agree and appreciate how they obsess over visibility and structural strength in the name of safety. There are 10 year old videos showing the pillars exceeding the capabilities of Jaws of Life cutters. Now, if only they could apply such great materials to their engines, rear ends, and wheel bearings.

  • Carve Carve on Feb 03, 2014

    When will this be available for sale, and will the new Outback come out at the same time?

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