2015 Ford Expedition Gets The Ecoboost Treatment

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
2015 ford expedition gets the ecoboost treatment

Just like the Navigator, the 2015 Ford Expedition gets a 3.5L Ecoboost engine. No funky tail lights or split winged grille.

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  • Arminius Arminius on Feb 19, 2014

    Then call me lazy. Having owned a Minivan before stow and go seats I can attest to what a pain it is to remove rear seats. That would only be compounded with the taller ride height of the Suburban. It also depends on how frequently you need to go between seats up and seats out. We go between the two quite frequently so find the trade off well worth it. As way of comparison the EL has 130.8 cubic feet with seats down and the current suburban has 137.4. Also keep in mind that the 3rd row in the Ford has more room thanks to the IRS. My soon to be teen and growing rapidly sons thank me (well, they don't but should).

  • Z71_Silvy Z71_Silvy on Feb 19, 2014

    GM thanks Ford for their continued handing over of the car and truck markets to them. Does Ford seriously think that slapping on this pig things they bought at the import aisle at Advanced Autoparts and giving it a gas guzzling and problematic V6 is going to make it an anyway compete with the new GM SUVs? Hell, it doesn't even compete with the last gen GM SUVs. Way to phone it in Ford......yet again.

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    • Mcs Mcs on Feb 20, 2014

      @IHateCars Is it related to the Ford Twin Cities Plant closing?

  • Tassos While I sure am not interested in any big and heavy crossover, even if it is a Honda, I got to say that this thing's "up to 300" mile range is really dismal.But why? You'll ask. It's not bad. That is not good enough. When we have Model Ss with certified EPA 402 mile real range, and many years later (ie today) this brand new wannabe Tesla killer gets barely 300, while it should get 500, using the progress in the years after the S it came out, it is really disappointing. And sure as hell "up to" 300 does not mean even 300 at all.The price is not bad, since it is in devalued, worthless, Idiot Joe Briben 2023 dollars. If you don't mind a Crossover, it may actually be a good place to put your $, compared to a ... savings account above all. And the top should easily exceed $65k, if not $70k, when it comes out (with another 10% of your lame $ eaten away by the rats of the failed Idiot Joe Briben Administration.)
  • El Kevarino If you have an EV platform that supports dual motor AWD, then why choose FWD for the 2WD version?
  • Analoggrotto Try as they may and as they might but the future of Electric, the future of human reality is TESLA. Only the highest level of affluence, priviledge and wealth can earn one a place in the stars. In fact when you look at the night's sky do you notice that the stars are brighter? This is because of Supreme Wizard Elon Musk, who has brightened them with this awesome grace.
  • Dukeisduke Sixty-five miles of range added in ten minutes? Doesn't sound very impressive.Also, how are they going to build these in volume if GM is building Ultium packs by hand (which they have been, slowly)? Or are the packs coming from Korea?
  • Dave M. On one hand Honda tends to make a strong, competitive product that should give you years of excellent service. On the other hand it's built on the bones of a GM product, who has a tendency to underbake their products until right before cancellation. NUMMI worked out well for GM; I wonder if this will work out well for Honda....