Montreal Has Monopoly On A-Segment Debuts

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
montreal has monopoly on a segment debuts

The often-ignored Montreal Auto Show will have two major debuts, both A-segment cars that may not make it past the 49th parallel. According to, Mitsubishi will debut a production-ready version of the G4 concept, aka a Mirage sedan, while Nissan will show off a Canadian-spec Micra. The diminutive Micra will likely slot below the Versa Note in size, but perhaps be positioned as a chic city car, to compete with the Fiat 500.

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  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Jan 09, 2014

    I think as the Canadian's move more towards the EU with vehicle trade this kind of event will occur. This doesn't take into account the vehicle make up in Canada is slightly different from the US. The EU will take advantage of this situation over the Canadian's southern neighbour.

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    • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Jan 10, 2014

      @th009 Ontario politicians backed by USA based auto companies have successfully lobbied Ottawa in the past to keep tariffs on vehicles imported outside of NAFTA. I would bet that the government is dragging its feet due to pressure from that same group. Chrysler and GMC both threatened to pull out of Ontario if they did not get bailout money for their Canadian divisions.

  • Volt 230 Volt 230 on Jan 09, 2014

    The Fiat 500 has done pretty well in the US, I don't see why these cars cannot come to the US, I'm sure they're better than the 500. The new Mirage here has been lambasted by the auto media.

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    • Marcelo de Vasconcellos Marcelo de Vasconcellos on Jan 09, 2014

      @whynot Hey whynot. Yes pricing depends on a plethora of variables such as brand cachet, place of production, exchange rates etc., etc., etc. Unless the European Micra/March is completely different from the Mexican one we get in Brazil, I don't really see it as a direct competitor. I've driven the March and it's quite good, though Fiesta, and others, are better. As to an explanation as to why that's so, read Varezhka's post below.

  • Varezhka Varezhka on Jan 09, 2014

    The last (3rd) generation Nissan March/Micra was a cute looking alternative to Toyota Vitz/Yaris, but the current (4th) generation was designed first and foremost as a small family car for developing markets. The design is a bit more generic for the world market, but more importantly, the car is designed to a price point and actually less refined than the last generation. I know this generation is selling quite poorly compared to the last generation in the Japanese domestic market for this reason, so I doubt it will compete with Fiat 500 over here either.

  • Sector 5 Sector 5 on Jan 09, 2014

    Back in the 80's I drove rental Micra. The 3 speed slush couldn't top 65 on the highway. And boy that Micra moto was screaming!!!! CVT will help the new blighter.. 500 & Fiesta? Bet this Micra goes further for less.