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When the 2015 Corvette Z06 debuts at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show next week, it will do so with enough firepower to level the playing field while throwing massive tree stumps at the competition.

How much? Try 620 horses charging out of the gate with 650 lb-ft of redwood-caber tossing torque, courtesy of the new Z06’s supercharged LT4 V8. The figures would put the 2015 model over the previous Z06’s stats by 115 ponies and 180 lb-ft of torque from its naturally aspirated 7-liter, and the ZR1 by 46 lb-ft.

As for how the info got out: Metadata. A Jalopnik reader googled for information regarding the Z06, bringing up a search result whose meta description spelled out what the new Corvette would be packing under the hood; General Motors has since rewritten the description, omitting the leaked figures.

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28 Comments on “2015 Corvette Z06 to Debut Massive Horsepower, Torque at 2014 Detroit Auto Show...”

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    Sad to see the big naturally aspirated V8 go, loved the LS7 but what a beast.

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    Does anyone know if this new blown Z06 is 7.0 litres or 6.2?


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    Wow. Simply wow.

    I cannot imagine having all that power at the throttle, as I’m still impressed by my Impala’s 300 hp. Over twice that, with torque to boot? You have got to be kidding!

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    Exactly what combination of gearing, torque and grip is required to pull a tree stump from the ground?

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      The general limiting factor on stump pulling is grip. I’ve had stumps refuse to budge when hooked to an XJ Cherokee in low range, but pop right out with a 2-tonne come along strapped to the next tree over.

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      100hp in a farm tractor may do it – gearing, mass and big knobbies. Careful it doesn’t fall over backwards with you under it. Or pull from a front draw bar.
      As for the monster Vette, what do you do with it? Will you ever use more than a fraction of an inch of accelerator travel on public roads?

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    The outgoing Z06 already put up beastly track numbers, this thing should be stupid fast in capable hands. Life for the new Viper isn’t getting any easier (assuming this comes in around $80K).

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    So is it still a 7.0?

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    I am delighted to see the Z06 cross the 600 HP mark, and do so in such splendor.

    Earlier, I had been hoping that the “base” Corvette (if there is any such thing), would have crossed the 500 HP mark, and not stop at 460, just for psychological reasons. This seems to make up for that, in spades.

    In any case, the Ferrari crown has now been passed over to Corvette: Ferrari can no longer claim to be “the most powerful large-scale production car sold in the USA”. (I guess they were excluding the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918, and their own LaFerrari.) Still not sure what “large-scale” means.


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    Holy S*it!

    This car is gonna make life tougher still for the Viper. Too bad it’s not NA but supercharged works for me.

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    A recipe for disaster 600hp in a car that corners like s–t. The only place that it might be driven safely would be in Germany.

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      Yup, that’s right – no corners in Germany anywhere.

      Hey, Mr. Rip van Winkle, peek out from under those covers and discover the new Corvette, you know the one that really handles. It’s not 1962 any more.

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        He’s obviously trolling. Late model Corvettes are extremely well handling vehicles.

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          NO SOUP FOR YOU!

          *don’t feed the troll*

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            BrianYates may be trolling, but how many he-men can handle a Z06 (or Viper, 911, Shelby, et al) at full power on a public road w/out extensive training?

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            “…but how many he-men can handle a Z06… at full power on a public road w/out extensive training?)

            I don’t know but I wouldn’t try. When you think about it how many race courses are set up in such a way that a car is able to go flat out, balls to the wall, for any extended length of time (NASCAR super speedways excluded).

            But for that matter how many can handle a 335i or its contemporaries flat out on public roads?

            But since you asked. Being a red blooded American male and in certain circles a sexual semi-god. I believe I could tame such creatures!

            Not really–but the chicks love the confidence.

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            Using 600hp on public roads? That’s obviously way more than Roger Rodas could handle. I’m sure you are much more the he-man, though.

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            “Being a red blooded American male and in certain circles a sexual semi-god. I believe I could tame such creatures! Not really–but the chicks love the confidence.”

            – I love your self-effacement. Does anyone wonder why all the middle-aged guys we see driving these humungous-horsepower, phallus-thingies are always alone?

            “Using 600hp on public roads? That’s obviously way more than Roger Rodas could handle. I’m sure you are much more the he-man, though.”

            – Very tasteless. And morbidly funny.

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    If this will fit into the CTS….We have a winner and my next car in three years. Used of course, brown with a stick…lol

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    Son of a bitch! So glad to see the horsepower wars still going strong with the ’15’s.

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    How much does a healthy kidney fetch on the black market these days?

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    The timing is just about right for me to save up for a lightly used one right as my mid-life crisis will appear on the horizon.

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      The chances of the Venn diagram for the combination of “lightly used” and Z06 having any intersecting area are best expressed with scientific notation using a very large negative exponent.

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    An engine that size must throw off a great deal of heat, making this a great car for Minnesota this week.

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    Drat that EPA for forcing these neutered, no-power, environmentally-friendly cars on us!

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