Nissan May Build Datsuns in Mexico Says Ghosn

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
nissan may build datsuns in mexico says ghosn

Customers in Latin America may soon have another cheap transportation option if Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn decides to build Datsuns in Mexico.

Though Ghosn hasn’t confirmed whether or not production of the Go and Go+ would happen in Mexico, the Latin American market is under consideration, as are markets in South Africa and Russia (the latter via AutoVAZ). Nissan intends to sell the Datsun brand to consumers in low-cost countries where car ownership is generally out of reach for most, but manufacturing the cars in the same markets is another matter due to the brand’s newness.

The current solution: carve from Nissan’s established production lines. This tactic is already being carried out in Chennai, India, where the Go will soon roll into showrooms for around $6,500 in February 2014, and could be used in locales such as the new Aguascalientes, Mexico facility, and the factories under AutoVAZ’s ownership.

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  • Marcelo de Vasconcellos Marcelo de Vasconcellos on Dec 11, 2013

    Hard to see Datsun coming to Brazil as the Go as I think the car is already on sale here as a Nissan March. It's very expensive to launch a new car brand here, most specially in lower rungs of the market. The newcomers that have had most success in terms of profitability have come into the market putting their cars at high prices and aiming at people with more financial means. The lower cost market is pretty well served here. Renault/Nissan already makes and sells Dacia cars here labelled as Renault. I think if they make it in México, the target is probably Central American and Andean countries where Japanese car companies have greater penetration. Chile maybe? Brazil and Argentina will probably strive to keep them out unless some sort of local production takes place. As Nissan is building a factory here in Brazil, could it be that they plan to make Datsuns there? They already pump Nissans out of the Renault factory so they have experience in that. Will sure be insteresting to watch.

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    • L'avventura L'avventura on Dec 11, 2013

      As you already know, the reason the Nissan March is expensive in Brazil is because its not made within the Mercosur Customs Union, and is hence subject to a large array of tariffs. If the car is to succeed in Brazil, local production is a must. As you mention, the car shares platforms with the Micra/March, meaning that this car will be assembled alongside the March which is already made in Mexico. Obvious other candidates for Datsun production are other countries that manufacturer V-platform cars like India(already confirmed), Indonesia, Thailand, and China. 70% of Mexican Micra sales go to the Latin American market, but if the TPP goes through, Mexican Nissan exports will be absolutely massive, and supply chain and logistics will be worlds cheaper, as it will have tariff-free imports/exports of parts from a large part of the world. As far as Nissan's Brazilian plant, the goal is to hit 65% locally manufactured status within the Mercosur Customs Union, or else hit an additional 30% increase in tariffs. The Rio de Janeiro plant will be making cars on the V-platform, like the Livina, hence, the Datsun Go is a good candidate for Brazilian production. But it'll only be exported to the Mercosur customs region, as the same tariffs that protect the country from a flood of imports makes it difficult for Brazil to become a export hub as Brazilian exports also get subject to retaliatory tariffs. Overall, even a Brazilian-made Datsun Go will be much more expensive as it'll still need to rely on outside supply-chain.

  • Daniel g. Daniel g. on Dec 11, 2013

    Hi marcelo, I´m from argentina, maybe can come like the chinese brands to brasil and argentina to? best equipment/price ratio in the low end, 6500 dollars x 7 pesos = 45500 pesos, example: with all the taxes and profit I see a good deal. in the photos the datsun is more big I tink, like a VW gol, and can win to the other kings in sales LATINCAP is the big problem(nobody see any test of the datsun yet)but a chevrolet corsa/chevy (old platform)can pass the regulations why not?