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Your humble E-I-C has already driven the new C7 in anger around a road course (of sorts), and I’ve also driven the current-gen GT500. The C7 is just brilliant, but at least four out of the five times I consider the issue I think I’d rather have the Mustang. Now we have the two cars going head-to-head where it really matters: the streets, yo.

Compared to the stuff our friends in the auto media have been hyping-up lately, this is pretty tame, but I wish to reiterate that TTAC does not support street racing and that most of us retired from street racing years ago. ‘Cause we went legit, homie. Why’s the race go down the way it does? It’s simple. The Vette has an automatic transmission and more tire underneath it, so it isn’t until aero and horsepower start to become really critical that the Shelby pulls it back. This race is probably a bit longer than a standard quarter-mile, but look for both cars to easily turn elevens in the hands of skilled operators.

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