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Subaru will reveal the production 2015 WRX at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month, after showing the concept at the New York Auto Show in the spring. In preparation for the LA show, Subaru has released this teaser image, showing the ‘Rex in ruby red.

Compared to the concept, which was shown in a more traditional WRX blue, the production car appears to be a bit toned down, but with that aggressive functional hood scoop, nobody will mistake it for a base Impreza.


No specifications or feature details have been released so far, but you can expect the same recipe that the WRX has had for a while, including a turbocharged boxer engine, all wheel drive and probably a manual transmission. It’s rumored that the performance versions of the Impreza, the 2015 WRX and the even higher performance STi, will only be offered as sedans.

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20 Comments on “2015 Subaru WRX Teased Ahead of Los Angeles Show...”

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    I shall patiently wait to be impressed.
    Love the idea of Subarus, but they serve an aesthetic that is at times bizzare and other times flat-out ugly.

    I miss the conservative styling of the 2005 Legacy GT. Right when Subaru had greatness in its grasp, they gave us the current gen outback and I threw-up a little in my mouth looking at it.

    Not since the days of Pontiac has the MSRP of a car been so closely tied the market rate of oil and the plastics produced from it.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      I actually like the current Legacy and Outback, but the old ones were definitely better-looking. They had styling that was stealthy and athletic. The current Legacy looks like an off-brand Honda, right down to the nearly-identical key fob.

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        I agree on the ~05 styling. That’s when they had it about right. The Legacy now only looks good in the right colors, and in upper trim levels. If you get a cheaper one w/o dual exhaust, there’s a nasty cut-out line around the plastic filler panel they use, since they share a bumper. It may as well be perforated with a little scissors symbol.

        The wheel arches of the Legacy aren’t quite right either. It gives the car a humped new-Beetle type of look in my eyes.

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          Kyree S. Williams

          That perforation may be the case for the previous-gen Dodge Charger too, because I see a lot of single-exhaust cars riding around with dual exhaust holes…

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      Aww, thanks guys. My car has gotten more love this year than it did new.

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    The photo of this blue WRX is far more flattering than the red car in the photo I saw yesterday on website “X” (embarrassed to mention it by name). I must admit that this new blue car appears to have slightly less of an edge from the A-pillar back.

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      I shall be very surprised if it has the same swept back and smooth side profile as the blue one in the photo. It’s very Jaguar-y. That being said, the front doesn’t really match – so even though I’d like it less, I think some sporting creases and design need added to the rear half.

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    “It’s rumored that the performance versions of the Impreza, the 2015 WRX and the even higher performance STi, will only be offered as sedans.”

    I’m not sure this is a great idea – to me, part of the appeal of the WRX was the fact that with the hatchback and AWD, it was practical enough to use as a year round daily driver. A small sedan is not nearly as practical as a hatch.

    Also, I may be in the minority here – but I think small cars look a lot better as hatchbacks. Maybe some others feel the same way since I do seem to see a lot of WRX hatchbacks on the road around here.

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      You’re right, it isn’t a great idea. But apparently Subaru is doing it anyway. Give them a year of lost sales and they’ll wise up.

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        I wouldn’t count on it until Subaru goes on record specifically saying NO HATCH FOR YOU. At least here in the PNW, take rates on the hatch appear to be at least equal to the sedan.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      It depends on the vehicle for me. The 3-Series GT versus the Sedan? No thanks. I’ll take the sedan…or maybe the wagon…or maybe even the X1. The new Mazda3 hatch versus sedan? They’re about even in terms of looks. The current Imprezza hatch versus sedan? Slightly more in favor of the hatch. The Focus and Fiesta? I can’t stand the sedans, but the hatches are lovely.

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    I didn’t know that Subaru decided to work with Daewood for the next WRX.

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    No hatch, no sale.
    As for looks, I’ll wait until I see more pictures (and hopefully in person) before judging.

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    From that angle, the blue WRX looks like a coupe.

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    It looks good, especially for a Subaru, but I’m not going to buy a sedan. If there’s a hatch it’ll be on my shortlist along with the GTI and Mazda3 (-Speed or not) next year. I guess I’ll try the Focus ST, but it’ll have to drive a million times better than the others because the interior’s design really bothers me.

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    Great. I just can’t wait to see these things hooning around Breckenridge with snowboards on the roof and pot smoke billowing out the windows.

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    One of these things is not like the other, not even close. If the leaked rendering is any indication, Subaru took most of the best styling cues from the concept and trashed them. The front end takes a couple of hints from the concept but the rest is just a featureless blob.

    No hatch is a non-starter.

    What’s curiously missing from all the teasers and leaks are any engine details…if the new mill can’t get at least 30 mpg highway along with with a mild power bump then this thing is in trouble. And even if the drivetrain is amazing you may as well wait for the inevitable refresh to get a halfway decent looking version.

    Maybe a lightly used 2013 hatch is the best option.

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    I had a bad dream where the WRX was sedan only and came with a CVT. I bought a Camry. Got to cut back on the late night pasta.

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    It’s all about the engine and suspension. Oh, and the hatch. I will never own another car without a hatch.

    My daily driver 09 Impreza is going strong, but this might tempt me. Will pick it up used if I can. Looking forward to the reveal.

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    Waiting to reserve judgment for the full reveal. The teaser image is more pleasant than I expected, and the front end is different enough from the regular Impreza.

    Happy to own a 2013 hatch… Hopefully they continue to offer it. Don’t mess this up, Subaru.

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