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At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show today, Subaru unveiled its Levorg concept, a sporty wagon that’s set to arrive in Japan next year but, unfortunately, isn’t likely to cross the Pacific.

Given that the current Legacy is only sold in the form of the Outback on our shores, we probably won’t get the Legacy wagon over here. The Levorg, which previews the next Legacy wagon,  will come with two engine choices: a 1.6-liter Boxer turbocharged four cylinder or a 2.0-liter Boxer four cylinder, also turbocharged.

The 1.6L engine will produce 168 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque, while the 2.0L puts out 296 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Both engines will be mated to a CVT.


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32 Comments on “2013 Tokyo Motor Show: Subaru Levorg Concept, A JDM Sport Wagon...”

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    The Heisenberg Cartel

    So just picture a donked Legacy with plastic fenders and voila – 2015 Subaru Outback! Where is Theophilus Chin when you need him?

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      The Heisenberg Cartel

      Err, a donked Levorg…

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        This is pretty clearly Impreza based, though.

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          The Heisenberg Cartel

          It is but I would not put this kind of self plagiarism past Subaru. They’re even less original than BMW, which at least has a distinct enough design language that my two year old daughter can point them out at will. Subarus are so nondescript and anonymous that they are starting to become distinguishable for their indistinguishability. Except for the Outback and XV Crosstrek, because they’re just nondescript donks.

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    Daddy like.

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    30-mile fetch

    I like it. More useful than an Impreza hatch, and more attractive to boot.

    Levorg? Really? That rivals Tiguan and Touareg for most awkward and painful model names.

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    Does Levorg mean anything other than grovel backwards?

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    liked my 2005 legacy wagon….. not flashy but practical and straightforward styling. after that, the subsequent generations have been bloated and a smorgasbord of tacky flared wheel wells or scoops. too bad.

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      Agreed, my 2006 Legacy wagon is to my eye still pretty attractive. The Outback back then was also good looking – now though it is far removed from being a raised Legacy wagon with some cladding. They certainly took a step back with the current Outback.

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    Well, I’m not trading mine in. CVT!?! Why does Subaru hate me?

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    …three hundred horsepower/foot-pounds are a *lot* for a factory two-litre engine: they’ve done it before, but reserved that level of craziness for the JDM STI only, likely where warranty issues aren’t as big of a deal…

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    Keeping in mind that I’m not opposed to the CVT concept (I’d originally ordered one in an ’02 Saturn Vue) at least up to now they’ve been unable to withstand the power and torque demands of the US driver at least in all but the lightest and weakest of cars (to the point that Saturn offered me a triple-plate manual transmission instead). So my question is, have the CVTs improved enough to handle nearly 300 horses at 300#ft of torque? Or will this tranny burn out in short order and need constant repair?

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    Sized perfectly and looks great, but I’d be weary of buying one. After seeing my friend’s babied 2011 WRX need a turbo replacement and throwout bearing, along with other warranty work for serious rattles (all at less than 30k miles), 300hp out of 2.0L sounds like trouble. Anecdotal, I know. Another fried has a 2002 WRX Wagon with close to 200k and he barely changes the oil, and it’s only needed minor work so there’s that.

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    Hey, TTAC staff, hello, hello, are you awake?

    ” Given that the current Legacy is only sold in the form of the Outback on our shores”, you say. What in hell was that Subaru Legacy sedan I inspected and sat in last week at the dealer last week? A special lowered Outback?

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      The Legacy wagon, obviously, was the intent. For many people, the name Legacy did in fact bring to mind the word wagon – there weren’t too many sedans sold, hence Subaru of America added a sedan in Outback trim to try to generate more sales (the Outback sedan disappeared at the same time as the Legacy wagon).

      The older of our 2 Subarus is an ’03 Legacy SE wagon (5-speed) exactly like the one pictured at Kiplinger magazine’s “10 cars that refuse to die,” slide 4. That piece didn’t mention the names Legacy or Outback specifically; there was no need; a Legacy wagon was pictured, and with good reason.

      As for the “Levorg” or whatever the next Legacy wagon will be called, it’s too close to the current Impreza for my taste. Also, rear visibility looks compromised by Subaru’s past standards – at least they’ve eased off on the exaggerated wheel openings.

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    Looks so much better in white…

    I just hope it makes it to the US in 2.0T + 6MT trim. Unfortunately, it seems like we’re going to get Jetta Sportwagen’d. They won’t give us some of the goodies that make it more GTI than Jetta (plaid seats, black interior, nicer bumpers/skirts, flat bottom steering wheel, 18″ wheels, etc). This will almost be a WRX wagon, but possibly missing the more taut suspension, 6MT, etc.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    The current Outback looks tacky to me, especially in regard to those roof rails. This, meanwhile, is quite lovely. My only complaint is that the brightwork against the windowsill doesn’t run its course below the quarter panel window, but is abruptly halted at the C-pillar. Other than that…bravo!

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    Wagon? Good.

    Petrol only? Bad.

    CVT only? Bad.

    Forget about, even if it comes in beige.

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    el scotto

    I’m awaiting the TTAC staff to break out their tape measures and tell me how wide the rear hatch and bumper are. I mean a person can only order so many Hillary ’16 and left wing causes bumper stickers. My Subie has to fit in with the rest of them in this college town.

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    “isn’t likely to cross the Pacific”

    Well, put the 2.5T in it and get a running start.

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    The looks better now but still nowhere close to the old Bruce Willis Legacys. The front is starting to look like a Dodge RAM lol!

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    I’d like it if Subaru added some more power to their vehicles. Neither engine sounds like enough for this much car.

    Also, nobody has noticed the front end looks 85% Volvo?

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