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Not many details have been released so far about the Subaru Cross Sport Design concept, which the company says is a combination of “sport” and “utility” and features “easy seat access, a comfortable interior, and abundant luggage space” and it’s supposed to show the direction forward for urban SUVs. They also could have said that it’s a stretched, jacked up BRZ station wagon, since with a horizontally opposed engine up front driving the back wheels, the Cross Sport Design is based on the sports car platform shared by Toyota/Scion and Subaru. It weighs 2,750 lbs and is 169.3 inches long, 2.6″ longer than the BRZ. It has a two part rear decklid that reveals a wood paneled floor when opened. No word yet on whether or not it will be produced, but with all the companies rushing to sell compact crossovers, it conceivably could be Subaru’s cheaper alternative to the new Porsche Macan.


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23 Comments on “2013 Tokyo Motor Show: BRZ Based Subaru Cross Sport Design Concept...”

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    But will it still be the amazing Porsche rivaling ultra enthusiasts car as the regular BRZ?

    Actually doesn’t Subaru already build several small CUVs and whatnot?

    Also, thanks for giving me another reason to not take you seriously anymore Porsche.

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      I like the BRZ a lot. I’m thinking about getting one when they do an STI version.

      But I don’t think anyone has argued that it rivals the Cayman S or the 911 in performance, aesthetics, or driving experience. The Porsches start at least double the cost, so that’s not a big knock against the BRZ. But it’s not fair to say they are equals.

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        I never said that myself, auto journalists did upon launch.

        I’m just meh about BRZ’s personally, I think they’re overrated, but if you want one once they turbo it have at it, I’m personally sick of waiting on a decent turbo variant.

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          It’s funny I keep reading comments like turbo and price. I’ve driven both an older generation Boxster and a new BRZ. The automotive journalists are not too far off with their comments when they say the BRZ handles really well out of the box and yes it’s right up there with the Boxster.

          BRZ is a cheap econo-box sports car, buying a Porsche gives you that very lux interior, thick German metal, and really good performance. Of cuz they are not on equal footing that’s common sense.

          My previous Mk5 Golf GTI had a K03 turbo and while the low end is great, the gas pedal with that minor but still noticeable turbo lag (yes I already had the revision “D” Pierburg Diverter Valve) is no match for NA in terms of feel and precision (not even close).

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    The Heisenberg Cartel

    And here I was insulting Subaru for running out of original ideas. I like this!

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      It’s not at all an original idea. The most recent similar cars are the BMW Z3 Coupe and Volvo C30, the latter unfortunately with wrong wheel drive.

      However, with the Volvo C30 being discontinued there will not be a shooting brake on the US market, so hopefully Subaru comes through with this. And offers a lower, non-“Outback” version. Or maybe the lower version is for Toyota.

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    Nicely done shooting brake ! It reminds me of FF :–_2012_DC_front.JPG

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    Now that’s a cool looking subaru, finally.

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    I can only imagine what the production version of this car would actually look like. I mean, we were told the new WRX was going to be all special, we were handed at least two gorgeous concepts, and the reality is an Impreza with whiskers.

    I own a Subaru, but have all but given up on the brand. The BRZ is an overweight tin can with an asthmatic engine, the rest look like crap. Naturally, they sell very well to people with little idea or appreciation of anything but bland or even slightly ugly. Wait till the Subaru production engineers get to work on the gem shown above!

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      But making the BRZ a raised shooting brake will only add more weight to it and practically highlight the chumpy engine they come with.

      I won’t argue on the other current Subarus though, to me they look like glorified Chevy Cruz’s.

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      Sub-2,800lb weight in the age of a million airbags and various safety doodads is hardly “overweight”

      Won’t argue though – this is the only Subie that can be said to have good looks (I miss the ’05 Legacy sedan and wagons – those were very nice looking cars).

      Ryoku: A shooting brake might move the weight bias rearward enough to give it 50-50 (how much this is worth outside of the marketing and benchracing realms, is entirely open to debate)
      I suspect they will have to give it a revised engine (or possibly upsized 2.5L mill as has been rumoured)

      I’m more interested in the rumoured sedan FRS variant, however.

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        2750 lbs? According to at least 2 sources I googled, that is actually a hair lighter than the current BRZ. Granted, this is just a concept, but it does appear that they are taking weight as a large consideration.

        Looking at this picture, I really like the shooting brake proportions. I would’ve been nice if Subaru had differentiated with Toyota this way on the BRZ.

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    juicy sushi

    I hate cross-overs/SUVs, but I could really like this. That said, if Nissan build that new IDX concept…

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Porsche Macan? It looks more like an affordable Ferrari FF to me…

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    OMG not another sport ute. Sport+utility=wagon all day long. I wish america would get over the whole wagon stigma. Its frustrating reading about the legacy based wagon in the previous article that really does combine utility with sport and knowing we will never get it. Maybe once the soccor moms of america realize that “sport utilities” (term used very loosely) are no longer cool we can go back to what makes sense for hauling people around. This equals wagons and minivans…

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      juicy sushi

      Blame the CAFE loophole for cross-overs. If light trucks didn’t get the breaks they do, we wouldn’t see so many…

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      el scotto

      Brother, if she had a Duran Duran cassette and Big Hair she won’t drive a station wagon or a minivan. That’s what her parents drove.

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        Yes I spent many road trips in the back of a 1985 old cutless wagon staring at oncoming drivers. It was classic 80’s complete with wood grain on the sides, roof rack and wire wheels. I hated it. I was even forced to take my drivers license road test in it when I was 16. Of course now that I am older I see the appeal. They handle and drive like a regular car (unlike a jacked up cuv), you can put a lot of stuff in them(like a dog or a bike), and you dont know your driving a wagon when your behind the wheel ;). as far as minivans arent they just cuvs with sliding doors anyways?

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      This is why I want to start a Spec Caravan racing series. Show everyone what sport+utility really means.

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    Too good looking. Subaru will have to ruin it or risk their new image.

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    This looks quite good, and along with the other concepts, I’m liking this trend of raised wagony CUV. Puts me in mind of the 4×4 Eagles of olde.

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    I like this concept Subaru, I’m glad not every OEM has lost its mind with their concepts.

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