Jag Crossover Shows Its Mug

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
jag crossover shows its mug

Just before it makes its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Jaguar’s C-X17 concept shows its undisguised face. To the Jag faithful, this is as scandalous as bare ankles would be in Taliban-era Kabul. We’ll be waiting for the full picture before launch any damning “Avoidable Contact” fatwas.

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  • Dan R Dan R on Sep 06, 2013

    When your neighbor/friend has a Porsche this will do very nicely.

  • Tstag Tstag on Sep 07, 2013

    I've just seen this car from the side on autocar and it blows me away. This will destroy x3 sales its stunning

  • Sob93 Sob93 on Sep 07, 2013

    looks kind of Jeep Cherokeeish or could be a cat sans whiskers. I wish automobile manufacturers could put head and tail light units in their vehicles that don't fade, scratch, get destroyed by car washes and cost $800+ to replace. Will this chip into Evogue sales? Seems like a curious choice for Jaguar.

  • Pb35 Pb35 on Sep 08, 2013

    Wait, I thought that was the new XC90?