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The final production version of the Porsche 918 Spyder is set to be shown off at this weekend’s Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance, but Porsche tweeted a photograph of their hybrid supercar ahead of this weekend’s events. The 918 was also seen running undisguised at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this summer.

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17 Comments on “Porsche Tweets Undisguised 918 Spyder...”

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    Need more pics of the glorious exhaust system.

    Can someone run down what each color of Porsche brake caliper is supposed to indicate(red, yellow, neon green above)?

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    I believe regular models get no color, red denotes a performance variant (S, GT3, Turbo) with RWD, yellow is for performance variants with AWD, and the acid green is being reserved for the plug in hybrid models.

    As with anything Porsche you can simply ask the dealer how much bigger of a check you have to write and I’m sure you can get your brake calipers in any shade of awesome your heart desires.

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    See 7 up

    If this car delivers as promised, it will be epic.

    The new hybrid supercars appear to be amazing. Can’t wait for the trickle down effect.

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    Looks awesome I dig it!!

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    Da Coyote

    D**n, that’s a fine looking machine.

    However, given my experience with the (un)reliability of two top German makes – along with my conclusion that they hire only D level electrical engineering grads, methinks I’ll give it a bye…and await something from folks who know the meaning of the word “reliability”.

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      Not what cars you had but Porsche has rated high in quality the last few years.

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      Bad things happen (even to ze Germans) when they pursue market share at the expense of all else.

      Benzes from the W140 back are as reliable as a stone axe. Forward? Not so much.I’ve gotten some mid90s/early00s cars for a (drunken karaoke) song and gutted the multiple computers. I can actually DO Benz electrical work, have the electronic tools to diag them, and I *still* want no part of many of those “lost decade and a half” piles of manure. It’s easier to just redo the electrics.

      BMWs post late 80s are in the same boat. Horrid electronics designed to a price point – sure it’s neat when it works, but GM quality is not what one is supposed to be buying. Not to mention the “never change” transmission fluids, and their “replacement transmissions”.

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    Maybe I’m just blind at the moment, but I swear this bears more than a passing resemblance to a Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M than an evolved Porsche to my old eyes.

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    Given what I’m about to write, I glad for the anonymity afforded by a pseudonym…my first reaction when I saw the picture was “Oh…Acura finally released the new NSX.” I know…hell is warm and features high humidity but many will suggest I go there anyway.

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      I could only hope the NSX looked this good. There are a few videos of the car (I don’t know if what Acura’s showing is a mule or close to the production body, but I do know its completely forgettable) running around and compared to the last NSX it’s a whole bucketful of not good (looks wise).

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    That car does not appear to have a rear window.

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    I’m not sure I get the point of making it look like the front half of the body is emerging from the back half of the body, but I guess otherwise it would just look like a Boxster. It seems like Porsche’s hands are tied styling wise at this point. There will be no more pleasant surprises like in the ’70s. They’ll just keep grafting their face onto whatever marketing tells them there is a niche for.

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      There’s old men who need to retire still in positions of power in P-Town…

      You’re right, even the Pepper and Pana suffer from the ‘runny eggs’ face-look that was forced on the company, during the years the stubborn desire of a powerful (but tiny) minority to keep the uberbeetle alive, almost killed the whole enterprise. Again. Still.

      The 911 must die.

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    I usually cant stand anything coming out of Stuttgart (the legacy of the 911 generally all look like VW bugs on steroids to me), but this is one fine-lookin’ car.

    Actually thats not true—I thought the 959 was the best looking modern Porsche I’d ever seen (at least in terms of 911 knock-offs, anyways), though pretty much everyone else I’ve talked to says its one of the uglier Porsches ever.

    I’m odd that way.

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