Nakaumura-San Hints At More Aggressive Maxima With New Signature Nissan Look. Sedan Concept to Be Revealed at NAIAS in January

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
nakaumura san hints at more aggressive maxima with new signature nissan look sedan

At an event for international media held during the Pebble Beach festivities, Shiro Nakumura senior vice president and chief creative officer, design and brand management for Nissan provided an advanced look at what is probably the next Maxima sedan.

Nakamura said that the four door sedan would be shown as a concept car in January at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show. When asked, he would not confirm that it is the 2015 Maxima. The current Maxima, Nissan’s largest and most costly car, is the oldest car in the company’s lineup and its styling and technology is a bit out of pace with the rest of Nissan’s cars.

The Altima, Sentra and even the subcompact Versa have been redesigned and some have suggested that Nissan will be phasing out the Maxima, particularly since the new Altima is larger and getting much of Nissan’s marketing attention. Those models may be in for some revisions since Nakamura said that the concept’s “V-motion” front end and headlight styling will become a signature for the Nissan brand.

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  • Aquineas Aquineas on Aug 23, 2013

    Stupid Mazda CX-9 ad overlays had me thinking that the author accidentally posted Mazda pictures. It looks interesting; I can almost see a tad of Hyundai Azera in the side profile. I'll be interesting to see it in person, in black. I agree with others: it doesn't deserve a CVT.

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Aug 28, 2013

    "The current Maxima, Nissan’s largest and most costly car, is the oldest car in the company’s lineup..." No, it's not the largest. 2013 Altima: 191.5" long 2013 Maxima: 190.6" long Altima is also a 10th of an inch taller, and just 1 inch more narrow than the Maxima.

  • ToolGuy Last picture: Labeling the accelerator as "play" and the brake pedal as "pause" might be cute, but it feels wrong. It feels wrong because it is wrong, and it is wrong because Calculus.Sidebar: I have some in-laws who engage the accelerator and brake on a binary on/off all-in basis. So annoying as a passenger.Drive smoothly out there. 🙂
  • Johnny ringo It's an interesting vehicle, I'd like to see VW offer the two row Buzz in the states also.
  • Chuck Norton And guys are having wide spread issues with the 10 speed transmission with the HP numbers out of the factory......
  • Zerofoo "Hyundais just got better and better during the 1990s, though, and memories of those shoddy Excels faded."Never. A friend had an early 90s Hyundai Excel as his college beater. One day he decided that the last tank of gas he bought was worth more than the car. He drove it to empty and then he and his fraternity brothers pushed it into the woods and left it there.
  • Kwik_Shift There are no new Renegades for sale within my geographic circle of up to 85 kms. Looks like the artificial shortage game. They bring one in, 10 buyers line up for it, $10,000 over MSRP. Yeah. Like with a lot of new cars.