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Before the 993 Targa came along with its fancy sliding glass roof, Porsche 911 Targas had real lift-out tops, just like the best 1990’s Japanese sports cars did (no doubt emulating what was perceived to be a suave alternative to a real ragtop). It looks like the 991 Targa will be returning to those roots.

Spy shots over at Autocar seem to indicate a lift-out roof for the next Targa, and the classic looking B-pillar is another giveaway. Hopefully, we’ll be able to order Fuchs wheels and an industrial-sized can of aerosol hairspray to keep things authentic. Bring your own car-phone.  The Targa is said to debut at the Los Angeles auto show in November, alongside the Porsche Macan SUV.

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13 Comments on “Porsche 991 Targa Going Back To The Air Cooled Era...”

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    I am digging that B pillar. Very cool.

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    thats one fast cat


    I read the headline and I was expecting to see that Porsche had made the decision to start constructing driver’s cars, without all of the add-on electrical cr*p, additional wings/vents/splitters etc that road driven cars don’t need, and “driver’s aides” that aren’t.

    ….And then I read the rest of the story. I’m sure they will charge extra for the “lightened weight.”

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    I’ve always liked the targa. The 997 version had such a lovely, subtly unique greenhouse shape.

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    I personally am gonna miss the big glass sunroof. It made me want a big ass sunroof on every car. It gave a certain feel to the 911 Targa that can’t be replicated in any other car though.

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    Nothing quite says fun in the sun like heavy pieces of polymer glass with rubber seals that degrade every time you lift them out, then have no place to stow them on board (or wipe out paltry cargo space if you do) essentially deciding whether you want to have piece of mind if rains come or top down motoring for two and our stuff.

    There’s a reason “t-tops” went away, anyone who remembers how the rubber melted and rotted into place if not meticulously maintained and how it would peel and strip when you lifted one of these contraptions out.

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      Non-issue and Not relevant any longer for Porsche.

      Nobody keeps these things after the warranty is up anyway and PAG/PCNA arent at all concerned about the longevity of the cars for the second owner.

      I always liked the old style targa roof and its one of the coolest features of the corvette and the supras. Certainly they’re no worse than a convertible top when it comes to wear (which should basically be considered a consumable item with a life of 7-10 years in most cases).

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      “T-tops” were a domestic ‘work-around’ for building a body that didn’t flex quite so much without a complete roof.

      After around a dozen X1/9s and a few 912/911Ts (all of which were 20+ years old with original rubber) I am fully cognizant of the fact that they don’t leak at all. Unlike a 5 year old T/A.

      It’s about the quality of the materials – and GM knows one quality. Cheap.

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    I always loved the feeling of driving the 911 Targa, but man, it just never looked as beautiful as the coupe.

    Apart from the glass targa’s on the 993. Those look perhaps even better than the coupe….just not sure about the reliability of those either.

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    I got all excited for a moment thinking Porsche were producing an air cooled 911 again. Let’s face it, a large part of the 911 died with the 993.

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    T-tops and mullets…meant for each other.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    More T-Tops and Targas please. Some of us do like convertibles but enjoy the practicality of a removable roof panel better.

    As far as quality is concerned sure some GM cars from the Roger Smith bean counter era used poor rubber gaskets and seals. Far as I know Fox body Mustangs with T-Tops held up fairly well. I once knew someone with a Subaru Brat with T-tops. The vehicle was rotted through the quarters and rockers and just about ready for the boneyard. But the T-Tops were tight as a drum.

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    T-tops, there was a place in Raleigh that for $750.00 would butcher your TA or Z28. Now this was 1979-80, and folks were still diggin Smokey and the Bandit so T-tops were the thing you bought to show off that you had mo money than brains and valued teen poon-tang more than your car. But, every guy that I knew that ruined a decent car all said the same thing – damn leaks, squeaks and creaks! Me? I had a big ol Monte Carlo and could barely afford to put gas in that hog.

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