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Apparently somebody “accidentally” uploaded this photo to Mercedes-Benz’s Austrian website. In this day and age of the internet, “leaks” are always suspect, but the next S-Class was slated to be introduced in two weeks time anyways. Here it is in all its glory. Explosive refrigerant not shown, of course.

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12 Comments on “Mercedes-Benz Leaks First S-Class Picture...”

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    Again, just like the C, E and A class most recent designs, it is pretty good looking for a Hyundai.

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      You should see the Hyundais!

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      As a W221 owner, this W222 disappoints me. The interior looks nice but:

      #1 the rear end looks too much like a Bentley.
      #2 The fender flares made the W221 look like a King Cobra. Without them – it looks BORING.
      #3 You mean to tell me was that all they could come up with to improve the interior was “better” massage seats and “perfumed air”?

      I’m disappointed.

      The W221 was the ultimate long-range cruiser because:
      #1 there was enough room for 5 guys my size to ride comfortably
      #2 The seats were MAGNIFICENT. Soft, cooled, heated, massaging and EASY TO OPERATE.
      #3 The interior was sturdy and looked fantastic. The car was built like a BRICK.

      MY XJ-L doesn’t have as much headroom and the front and backseat aren’t equally spacious.

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    There’s something very off about the junction of hood, headlight, and bumper clip. Someone spending $100k+ is entitled to be pissed off about ugly details like that.

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    I suppose at a certain point designers are left to add more angles for the sake of adding more angles.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    From this angle especially, it doesn’t look appreciably different from the E-Class. What I’ve seen of the interior, however, could send Audi, BMW, Jaguar—and possibly Bentley and Rolls-Royce—scrambling back to the drawing boards.

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    it is handsome car and this car will dominate againist the 7 series,a8,xj using its reputation for sure but for this time, S class could not give excitement to Mercedes fans like the previous generations did.wait and see.

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    From what I’ve heard (MB shop foreman) they’re buying back the explosive refrigerant machines and calling back cars that were factory filled with it to be replaced with R134a.

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    That is one gaping maw.

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    Every now and then I look at a second hand S-class which is advertised for sale. I am attracted by the mad depreciation.

    Sure, the S-class glides like nothing else, unmarched in style and comfort. Sure, I look like a VIP in it. Then I am reminded it drives down the road like a boat. I am also reminded the car is just too darn big to park. Next I look up some S-class owner forum on the net and they tell me that the Sonderklasse is expensive to maintain, even before the repairs. And there will be repairs.

    Buying a new one with warranty is out of the question. Where I live a new S-class is 300,000 dollars US.

    After all this I return to reality and my plain Japanese sedan.

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    Volt 230

    Sorry to see that MB stylists thought that Hyundai’s ” looks like it’s moving when standing still” look was gonna be all the rage in the auto world, so why not copy it?

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