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Irony is a cruel mistress. Just as Suzuki’s American auto sales arm is winding down, the newest version of the SX4 was revealed at Geneva, and it doesn’t look bad at all – save for the awful snot green shade.

A switchable AWD system will allow drivers to choose between one of four modes. Two super low emissions powerplants, both 1.6L 4-cylinders (a gas and a diesel), will be offered. The diesel emits just 110 grams of CO2 per km, nearly in line with the benchmark 100 grams that the Prius emits. The diesel gets a 6 speed manual while the gas car loses a cog. A CVT is the only choice for those who don’t want to shift. The Hungarian-built SX4 will obviously not be coming to the States, but there’s a chance that Canadian-plated versions may end up on American roads sometime in the future.

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21 Comments on “New Suzuki SX4 Goes Unnoticed In Geneva...”

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    If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there, does it make a sound?

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    If your snot is that shade of green, you’d better see a doctor pronto.

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      The color is okay, but they need to change the name of their car to “Impreza”! better yet: Subaru could pay them to build the SX-4 as an entry level vehicle below the Impreza…

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    I’m missing the irony. Suzuki USA would have needed a superlative product to undo the harm of having masqueraded as Daewoo’s US sales arm. This is not that product. They needed packaging to top Honda’s Fit and CR-V combined with styling that makes even the most somnolent aware of VW’s stasis. This car could have been produced by almost any nation at almost any time since 2006. It’s just a collection of contemporary styling clichés, few of them beneficial.

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      ^ this

      I can imagine seeing this car perhaps in 2003 at an autoshow.. but 2013?

      Suzuki is past it’s due date

      There is no reason to have a AWD system on a car, being turned with a 1.6l engine, wouldn’t matter if it were turboed. It’s going to cost customers more to buy a vehicle with AWD that has no use/right, to have such a system. Who wants to pay extra for an AWD system with unknown integrity, added gas prices of an overworked engine churning an extra driveshaft, and a boring vehicle powered by a measly engine?
      The vehicle makes no sense to todays consumer, which is partly why suzuki failed here.

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    Slow news day? I already forgot about Suzuki.

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    This car has about half a foot less ground clearance (because of the aero crap) than the previous model. And ground clearance is a major selling point for an AWD car in snowy places. The old SX4 is a snowmobile and can cut through snow up to 1 foot. Not sure that this one can do it (but most of the “all” wheel drive cars cannot do it either, so it is regression to the mean.)

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    The color is used on a lot of U-SUV (Urban SUV *tm*). Guess it helps provide the missing link with nature.:)!

    Looks as if plastic cladding is back…

    This car now has no relation to the Fiat Sedici, right? What’ll happen to that one? Gone from the Fiat line in Europe?

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      The previous generation SX4 and the Sedici was the same car co-developed between Suzuki and FIAT. This one does not look like it had anything to do with Europe. Methinks that the new Sedici will be something that will be sold in the US with a JEEP label…

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    Why the Plymouth Voyager wheel covers? Like the color, though…anything over grey, black, silver, beige, and white…

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    Won’t miss them at all!

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    I think it’s good that they’ve abandoned huge window pieces ahead of the A pillar. The previous one’s styling was just silly.

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    How many forgettable look-a-likes like this already exist? Who needs one more from a company that’s about to go lights out?

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    Mark Stevenson


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    Compaq Deskpro

    Modernized Vitara, bring over the Swift and make a hot hatch money losing version, make that S-cross thing, Kizashi is good, but name it anything else. Take risks on styling, Super Bowl advertising. It would at least be a start and money might start flowing 5 years. But no, they gave up.

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    I know someone on the inside at Suzuki and recommended I buy it as for someone shoppiong for a CUV.

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