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What you see above is the S-Cross concept from Suzuki, set to bow at the Paris Auto Show in September. But, this C-segment concept isn’t a new model, instead a replacement for the Suzuki SX4.

The current Suzuki SX4 was a product of a relationship between Suzuki and Fiat. However, this time around, Suzuki has gone it alone, developing the SX4 replacement completely on their own.

Details in addition to the official images are scarce. However, considering Suzuki continues to describe the vehicle as a “C-segment crossover” expect it to have the same all-wheel-drive goodness of the current SX4. Engines will probably vary, as per usual, between Europe, Japan, and the Americas.

The S-Cross is a concept in name only. Whether wearing the S-Cross or SX4 nameplates, the concept will spawn a production model probably for the 2014 model year.

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12 Comments on “2012 Suzuki S-Cross Concept: This Is The New SX4...”

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    Going to be Japan only, or is Suzuki trying to come back?

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    I hope for comeback. Still have warm spot in my heart for Suzuki

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      If this is really the replacement for the SX4, perhaps it will be slightly larger than the current one. That could potentially leave a spot for the Swift to come to the U.S. (please just make this happen Suzuki!). Or if they made it significantly larger, it could effectively replace the Grand Vitara. If that happened AND they brought the Swift over here, I think the trio of Kizashi, Swift, and the S-Cross would be quite appealing. I hope they stick it out, because I really enjoy my Kizashi…but I’m thinking of trading it in just in case Suzuki goes bellyup.

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    It’s too late for Suzuki in the US. 250 US dealers with meager product offering makes it very tough to compete.

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      Yeah, too little, too late. The only chance Suzuki has for survival in the US is the long-odds home-run (as with all the automakers in the past who were on the verge of elimination), and a warmed-over SX4 wouldn’t appear to be it.

      It’s a shame because Suzuki wasn’t that bad of a brand. Although rather ‘tinny’, they hold up well enough. But, at this late stage of the game, few are going to take a chance on a brand with an extremely thin dealer network and seems to have one foot out the door.

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    el scotto

    Why doesn’t Suzuki sell it’s soul to a few of the multi-state, multiple brands auto groups to gain market presence, not just market share? Penske group anyone?

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    I’d be interested in this car when it comes out… small, AWD, good on gas, and seemingly fun to drive – could be a good choice in Toronto (not many good choices in Toronto to be had)

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    It’s the good on gas part that worries. The SX4 was no mileage champ given it’s small size and competition.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I always thought Suzuki should market themselves in the US like Subaru did 30 odd years ago. Inexpensive, reliable and AWD. Subaru invented that nitch back then and their customers remained loyal to this day. Though with Suzukis recent problems, in particular lack of revised vehicles it might be too late for that.

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    What makes me angry is that the Suzuki built vehicles are actually decent automobiles..and nobody seems to care. BUT being a Suzuki fan I have to put my feelings aside and say it really is their fault. No advertising, 4 models..SX4, Equator, GVitara, Kizashi. They need 2 more models anyway…..How could Suzuki let Kia and there absolute garbage (before hyundai bought them), make it where Suzuki can’t?? The Sx4, and Kizashi are great cars…What gives. It seems the company is STUBBORN. They don’t even try. They just go with the flow even if it means going the way of the dinosaur. And the figgen management leaves people hanging on and never stating whether or not they’ll stay in the country…
    I would like an SX4 Crossover. So do I buy one next year? Or would I be buying an orphan? Does Suzuki even care?

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    Suzuki produces cars which has low maintain cost. And cars also looks decent. Suzuki makes perfect family cars always. Its safety measures are impressive. I am big fan of Suzuki cars. And I am sure that people will give good response to this new cross car concept . And they will make a good space between motor-market .. Thanks for this great post

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