2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Makes The SS Irrelevant

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
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2014 chevrolet camaro z28 makes the ss irrelevant

Who cares about the Chevrolet SS? GM just stuffed an LS7 in the Camaro. Even though the Camaro is one of my least favorite cars, I cannot wait to drive this thing, visibility be damned.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • AFX AFX on Mar 28, 2013

    I heard there's going to be a "Special Edition" Z/28 similar to what the Corvette guys have done in the past with things like the Ron Fellows editiion Corvette. The new Z/28 will come in a Kip Winger Special Edition. It'll have two red stripes painted over the front fenders, a custom sound system featuring a Kraco cassette player head unit and Mindblower speakers, and it'll come with a can of Final Net in the glovebox autographed by Kip Winger himself. Driver's side vanity mirror will be part of the package too.

    • Golden2husky Golden2husky on Mar 29, 2013

      What, no Audiovox Sound Exploder external, line level amplifier?

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    • Doctor olds Doctor olds on Mar 31, 2013

      @BigAl- There is no doubt that the draconian increase in CAFE requirements demanded over the next few years will add pressure to limit or eliminate large, powerful vehicles in America. Buick Regal, for example, does not use the turbo V6 AWD powertrain being sold in the Opel/Vauxhall version in Europe. Here, they are only available with 4 cylinders. CAFE will not be an issue for the SS at this time, but will limit Chevrolet's efforts to increase sales above a niche level. My knowledge of the new CAFE standards is sketchy. They were not on the books when I retired. I remain hopeful that the new footprint (track width multiplied by wheelbase) based approach may let some larger cars be sold instead of forcing those who want large RWD vehicles into the SUVs and Truck based vehicles we have today. It is hard to foresee all the consequences, intended or otherwise, of this latest increase in governmental intervention in the auto business. fwiw- The US government is giving exemption to the Germans, BMW and Mercedes, to let them delay their compliance. No such pass is given to Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus because their makers offer fuller lines of vehicles. I am probably dreaming, but hope they back off this current CAFE standard. As it stands, we won't recognize the fleet of offerings from every maker compared to what they sell today if makers have to comply with 54MPG CAFE. I should add that new LT1 V8 derivatives probably can produce mileage just as good as the twin turbo V6, maybe better. GM has just spent several hundred million dollars on the new V8 which proves they have a long term plan to keep making them.

  • Markl67 Markl67 on Mar 30, 2013

    I like the styling of the new Camaro, but having owned Camaros and Mustangs the Fords have been very durable vs GM... for me anyway. Cant wait to see some real world perf numbers cuz the ZL1 is a joke. Most 444 horse Boss 302's can easily take out the 540 horse ZL1. A buddy of mine with a '13 Boss with nothing but drag radials has laid down 11.80's.

  • ChevyGuy81 ChevyGuy81 on Sep 21, 2014

    Who cares about the SS? Maybe somebody that wants an AC and a radio in there car? Not to mention the Z28 is. Track car meant for car enthusiasts that want to spend 56k on a car with no AC or radio. And yes the LS7 is amazing. It makes 500HP. I currently own a SS LS3 with bolt ons that runs 540HP and 520lbs of TQ. I have 315s in the rear and other suspension adjustments. All costing under 56k and will eat a Z28 alive. This is before I add a cam and a supercharger which will bring it in to the 750-800HP range. That will run me another 6-8. So for the price of a Z28, my SS will make it look like a prius, while I'm listening to my radio and blowing AC. Real Camaro owners know that the majority of the fastest Camaros on the road are SS, because your not spending 60k like a ZL1 or Z28, you can make your car An absolute beast for under 50gs. LS7 is an awesome motor and the Z28 is a great car but saying "who cares about the SS" is ignorant.