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A study by Hertz shows that one in three British men try to impress a date with hired or borrowed items, and that “cars and then clothing topped the list of the most frequently hired or borrowed objects,”  as Hertz says in a press release.

Apparently, the effort is not wasted.  Four out of 10 women agree that the car a person drives can make them more attractive, six out of ten agreed that a man’s outfit would impress them. Suits them right, so to speak.

Competition is stiff, so guys go as far as “renting a house or apartment and even taking on a temporary pet to play up their emotional side.”

1 in 5 women also admit to renting or borrowing items to look the part.

Hertz has a vested interest in the study. Its press release features the Hertz Supercar Collection, which caters to the needs of needy Romeos and easy-to-be-fooled Juliettes. By the way, boys: Tomorrow is Valentine’s.

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10 Comments on “Borrow The Keys To Her Heart...”

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    Hmmmmmmmmmm my now wife was attracted to a used single cab long bed F150 with no options. But then her Dad has a 1972 Chevy C10 with automatic transmission and “arm-strong” steering. And at 5’2″ she always loved to stick it to the guys who said, “You’re too little to drive a truck.”

    Of course that’s the difference between wife material and girlfriend material.

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    “Competition is stiff, so guys go as far as “renting a house or apartment and even taking on a temporary pet to play up their emotional side.”

    While at University, I had in my rented apartment a house plant that I kept watered and alive and a cat that I would borrow from the neighbor. Both gave the perceived impression that I was a caring individual and not a player, which of course, I was.

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    I can attribute 33 years of marriage to the fact that my wife is not so easily impressed, but then neither am I. I guess that every pot has a lid. My advice would be to skip the effort to impress with deception. The truth will come out eventually, and anyone susceptable to such impression will always be looking to trade up. To thine own self be true.

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      healthy skeptic


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      You and your wife sound like the types to marry early and build a stable, long-term partnership. To you and your wife I say, congratulations! You’re the rock upon which civilized society is founded.

      However, the people the Hertz study profiles, male and female, are looking for the proverbial “meaningful overnight relationship.”

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    The mating game is not just a game. Ask a peacock.

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    Ah..something is stiff and thats NOT her heart B. Sorry

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      Speaking of body parts, I remember a story of a guy who turned in an elevator and accidentally elbowed a woman in the breast. He told her, “I’m sorry, but if your heart is as soft as your breast, you’ll forgive me.” She kicked him in the groin.

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    One day my wife and me were at a stoplight when a Ford Raptor pulled up beside us. She looked at it up and down and then said “oh look honey the perfect car for the man with a really tiny penis”.

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