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Someone at Nissan left the new Versa Note aka Versa Hatchback uncovered.

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16 Comments on “NAIAS 2013: Nissan Versa Note Left Uncovered...”

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    All things considered, not terrible. Looks like a Sonic mated with a Matrix/Vibe, with a side of Fit thrown in. If they priced these things as aggressively as the Versa sedan (they won’t), they’d make great basic, yet uber-functional transportation: a roomy 4-door hatch with a 5-speed and manual everything new for $12k? Hell yes.

    Sadly, they’ll probably price it at a $3k premium. Because “Americans don’t buy hatchbacks” (<- internet sarcasm) – yet automakers feel comfortable pricing, and selling, them at a considerable premium. Funny how that works.

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    Sorry to say, but in my experience as a car salesman, people just don’t want the strippy crank window manual transmission car anymore. The very few that do usually demand it, worried about power windows breaking. People who can only afford a cheaper car would rather buy used than settle for the stripped new car.

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      Well, once the potential customer gets to the lot and realizes that the $11,990 Versa sedan is so equipped the Nissan dealer will gladly sell them a much larger profit margin used car. A miser with a pile of cash will eventually come along and pick up the stripped Versa for well under MSRP but still some profit.

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        Indeed. The “can only afford” crowd will likely buy (or worse – finance) a well-used SUV for around $12k, and then do the same again a few years down the road. They’ll also only drive automatics – which is why Nissan can get $2k for the cvt option.

        For the misers, on the other hand, $12k for a new car with a proper full warranty is a pretty good deal. Especially for a car with all the latest in safety gear, and AC to boot! (Crank windows – no problem! Manual locks, on the other hand, would get old quick…) A safe and functional option for a family or even a student.

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    I like it. Always liked the looks of this updated Tiida. Not to get on my internet auto brand director BS but this could be a fun little squirt w/the Juke’s turbo motor and some bigger rollers. Hopefully the Fiesta ST will be successful enough to prompt such a response from Nissan.

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    Honda Fit called. They want the A-pillar to taillights back!

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    The front fascia looks like a Fit as well.

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    I take it Nissan is unifying the previously different (slightly different) Note and Versa hatchbacks globally. This looks identical to the JDM Note that went on sale as a 2013 model last year:

    One notable thing that isn’t immediately obvious in these pics but does show up in the Nissan press photo (above) is a nearly Nagare-style side surfacing on the doors.

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    I hate the last note. Great interior room buts hit everything else. Rented one in the alps and wished I spent extra ion something with more power better steering. Dealbreaker

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    It looks a lot like the Honda Fit to me, although there’s some influence in the front-fascia from Nissan’s own Dustbuster-shaped Quest minivan.

    I still think the Chevrolet Sonic is the best-looking subcompact hatch, and it’s probably the one I’d buy…

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      Have you been in one? Might as well get something much cooler with two doors. The back seats in the sonic are a joke if people are sitting in the front seats…

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    For some reason this just makes me want to see what a Sentra wagon would look like. (It would have to be more attractive.)

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    In a rare agreement with the rest of the commentariat, I observe that Nissan managed to clone Fit.

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    I think its less attractive than outgoing.. looks more Fit/Sonic in side profile. Wonder if back seat now folds Fit-like?

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    Does the new Versa have the same rear legroom as the current one?

    That’s a huge selling point for the first car, and why it ruled the class for so long: it has more useful passenger space than most midsizers, and is one of the few cars (and this includes, eg, the Ford Taurus) where you can fit a rear-facing carseat behind a tall front-row passenger.

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