NAIAS 2013: LEAKED – Jeep Grand Cherokee Gets First Diesel Since Dr. Z Era

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
naias 2013 leaked 8211 jeep grand cherokee gets first diesel since dr z era

The big news to come out of Jeep today: DIESEL. And we aren’t talking about some HD truck diesel from a Ram pick-up. No, a proper fuel-sipping one, in the form of a 3.0L V6, will be available on the Grand Cherokee starting in the 2014 model year.

Whoa, I think I just experienced the weirdest deja vu…

Oh, right…remember when the Germans kinda sorta owned Jeep and they used one of their executives as a pitchman? He was old, had a moustache that would be a great supporting actor on Magnum P.I., and he tried to hock Jeeps to children?

Anyway, back to the new Grand Cherokee.

After receiving a bit of a refresh, some higher-end models will be offered with the new-fangled 8-speed automatic from ZF – the same transmission that allows the Ram 1500 to get better fuel economy than a Caravan. Will it be mated with the new diesel? We’re not sure. Maybe Sergio will tell us during the official reveal later in the week.

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  • Tedward Tedward on Jan 15, 2013

    So it's official, the Grand Cherokee has become a direct Touareg competitor (I always held that it was before but now it's blatant). Except, and props to Chrysler, they can be ordered with low range transfer cases and air ride suspension. Not sure if that's because they enjoy lower costs building the GC in NAFTA, Chrysler has more opportunity to achieve volume on the components used in the GC, or if it's just because VW has become more conscious in the US about it's reliability stats. Either way, I find it interesting, especially in light of the, seemingly childish, war of words and incentives being waged right now between the two companies. That, by the way, is a pissing contest that should definitely be sufficient to motivate a few really interesting industry dirt articles.

  • ToxicSludge ToxicSludge on Jan 15, 2013

    I have heard that the Ram 1500 will be getting the VM Motori 3.0L V6 in late 13/early 14.I also heard that GM might be going to go diesel (V8) in the 13/14 my 1500.For me,I desperately want a diesel JK,or the JK pickup that Jeep keeps teasing us with.

  • Domestic Hearse Domestic Hearse on Jan 16, 2013

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeease please please put this power plant in Wrangler with a proper off-road suspension and front and rear lockers. Something with lots of low-end, low-rpm grunt for all-day trail riding, capable of an overdrive-engaged, gas-sipping cruise home on the highway.

    • ToxicSludge ToxicSludge on Jan 16, 2013

      They are saying they will put it in the JK,I just hope it's in my lifetime.WHEN it is finally offered (being positive here now),order it in the Rubicon that comes with front and rear E-lockers,elec-discos,and a 4:1 low crawl transfer case,Dana 44's front and rear.Potent factory combo right there...

  • AJ AJ on Jan 23, 2013

    Jeep needs to really make the CRD successful with the WK2, or else it won't ever happen again. If they can price it along with the Pentastar, they could do very well with it. They also need to make sure that the quality and the service is there to support and keep the love for the owners. And sure, make it available as well in the Wrangler and Ram. Spread the love. I may consider a WK2 this year myself. I've been leaning towards the Hemi, but I'll certainly consider the CRD.

    • ToxicSludge ToxicSludge on Jan 23, 2013

      I would say that the diesel option will be around 3k bux.I can almost guarantee that it won't be the same price as the pentastar.The VM Motori diesel ain't cheap.