October Sales: The Final Numbers

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
october sales the final numbers

October sales data are coming in, and most are below forecast. Chrysler, Ford, and GM sold less than analysts predicted. Analysts had higher hopes for Toyota also. Volkswagen, up 23 percent, more or less met expectations. We have the final sales table, courtesy of Automotive News [sub].

Chrysler and GM pointed fingers at Sandy. Chrysler said it made its numbers “In spite of Hurricane Sandy.” GM said it had a solid October “in a month that was marked by a devastating national tragedy.” Even Volkswagen mentioned that over 25 percent of its U.S. dealerships were affected by the storm along the eastern United States. Ford did not mention the storm in its sales release.

AutomakerOct. 2012Oct. 2011Pct. chng.10 month

201210 month

2011Pct. chng.BMW Group32,37127,31819%267,587246,9028% BMW division26,45121,87321%212,848199,5527% Mini5,8885,4159%54,41947,05016% Rolls-Royce32307%3203007%BMW Group32,37127,31819%267,587246,9028%Chrysler Group126,185114,51210%1,376,8551,123,92323% Chrysler Division22,22221,2445%263,688178,79548% Dodge40,61133,73420%432,523379,17514% Dodge/Ram66,22055,57019%677,492589,77615% Fiat3,7201,96589%36,46215,826130% Jeep34,02335,733–5%399,213339,52618% Ram25,60921,83617%244,969210,60116%Chrysler Group126,185114,51210%1,376,8551,123,92323%Daimler AG26,64524,4539%241,019210,74714% Maybach34–25%393126% Mercedes-Benz25,64424,1226%232,671206,63213% Smart USA998327205%8,3094,084104%Daimler AG26,64524,4539%241,019210,74714%Ford Motor Co.167,947167,5020%1,853,0151,767,2135% Ford division162,793161,4081%1,783,9811,696,0305% Lincoln5,1546,094–15%69,03470,935–3% Mercury–––%–248–100%Ford167,947167,5020%1,853,0151,767,2135%General Motors195,764186,8955%2,163,4792,089,0444% Buick13,38411,68715%150,646151,779–1% Cadillac13,50511,79515%117,017124,985–6% Chevrolet135,305131,8043%1,555,6881,485,7375% GMC33,57031,6096%340,128326,5434%General Motors195,764186,8955%2,163,4792,089,0444%Honda (American)106,97398,3339%1,173,431958,13023% Acura12,16311,1159%127,936100,26128% Honda Division94,81087,2189%1,045,495857,86922%Honda (American)106,97398,3339%1,173,431958,13023%Hyundai Group92,72390,0923%1,067,451950,41112% Hyundai division50,27152,402–4%590,085545,3168% Kia42,45237,69013%477,366405,09518%Hyundai Group92,72390,0923%1,067,451950,41112%Jaguar Land Rover3,8284,795–20%45,05239,76013% Jaguar699909–23%10,24910,2240% Land Rover3,1293,886–20%34,80329,53618%Jaguar Land Rover3,8284,795–20%45,05239,76013%Maserati24018728%2,2241,89218%Maserati24018728%2,2241,89218%Mazda18,62218,3262%228,104209,6419%Mazda18,62218,3262%228,104209,6419%Mitsubishi3,9814,378–9%50,10370,253–29%Mitsubishi3,9814,378–9%50,10370,253–29%Nissan79,68582,346–3%946,169856,42511% Infiniti8,7576,86228%95,35379,04321% Nissan Division70,92875,484–6%850,816777,3829%Nissan79,68582,346–3%946,169856,42511%Saab Cars North America–337–100%–4,984–100%Saab–337–100%–4,984–100%Subaru26,11920,08130%271,582215,63126%Subaru26,11920,08130%271,582215,63126%Suzuki2,0391,9475%21,18822,231–5%Suzuki2,0391,9475%21,18822,231–5%Toyota155,242134,04616%1,726,6661,328,56930% Lexus19,85018,09210%190,840153,73924% Scion5,8873,95249%62,37741,55950% Toyota division129,505112,00216%1,473,4491,133,27130% Toyota/Scion135,392115,95417%1,535,8261,174,83031%Toyota155,242134,04616%1,726,6661,328,56930%Volkswagen49,49240,71522%500,294385,33230% Audi11,70810,22515%112,40295,20618% Bentley22216237%1,8661,42231% Lamborghini402938%40028242% Porsche3,2112,27042%28,22624,93413% VW division34,31128,02922%357,400263,48836%Volkswagen49,49240,71522%500,294385,33230%Volvo Cars NA4,2004,899–14%55,82657,054–2%Volvo Cars NA4,2004,899–14%55,82657,054–2% Other (estimate)2382284%2,3802,2775%TOTAL1,092,2941,021,3907%11,992,42510,540,41914%
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  • Philadlj Philadlj on Nov 01, 2012

    - Considering Sandy took a good 5+ sales days away from car buyers in the most densely-populated region of the country (essentially making October the shortest sales month of 2012), these numbers don't look that bad. - Volt Life Watch: 2,961 more Volts left showrooms in the U.S., besting September and August before it as its best month yet, and leaving it 691 sales shy of 20K (not counting Canada's 927 sales). - Also of note: The CTS falls as the ATS rises, while the Verano continues to mop the floor with its Regal big brother, outselling it more than 2-to-1. - Finally, the Chevy Spark city car "no one will buy" found more than 2,000 more takers, upping it's abbreviated 2012 total to 8,447 sales. Combined with strong Octobers for the Cruze and Sonic, Chevy is excelling in the small car segment like never before.

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    • Freddy M Freddy M on Nov 02, 2012

      @Freddy M Changing the model name over and over in an attempt to hope people will disassociate the new model from the old model is very tricky. I was one of the skeptics who said "yeah right, it's an Aveo." Luckily, it so wasn't. I think they made the right move in renaming and re-branding it. Had it stayed as an Aveo, it would have been a much harder sell. And would probably not have been enjoying the success it is now instead being on a very slow crawl up the ladder as word started to spread that it was actually a good car.

  • Danio3834 Danio3834 on Nov 01, 2012

    Good to see Lambo sales are up 38% or... 11 more cars.

  • NJRide Now more than ever, the US needs a brand selling cheaper cars. I know the old adage that a "good used car" is the best affordable transportation, but there has to be someone willing to challenge the $45k average gas crossover or $60k electric one that has priced out many working and middle class people from the market. So I think Mitsu actually may be onto something. Call me crazy but I think if they came up with a decent sedan in the Civic space but maybe for $19-20k as opposed to $25 they might get some traction there's still some people who prefer a sedan.However, I just compared a Trailblazer on Edmunds to an Outlander Sport. Virtually same size, the Trailblazer has heated seats, keyless ignition and satellite radio and better fuel economy for almost same price as the Mitsu. Plus a fresher body and a normal dealer network. This has always been the challenge off brands have had. Mitsu probably would have to come in $2-3k less than the Chevy unless they can finance more readily to the subprime crowd.
  • MaintenanceCosts At least on the US West Coast, Waze is perfectly happy to send cut-through drivers down residential streets or to disregard peak-hour turn or travel restrictions. I hope if it's going to be standard equipment the company starts taking a more responsible approach.
  • MaintenanceCosts I'm more curious about the effect (if any) on battery lifetime than range. Drawing current faster creates more heat and if that heat is not promptly drawn away it could affect life of the cells.I agree this sort of thing can make sense as a one-time option but is consumer-hostile as a subscription.
  • Ajla "The upgrade is permanent" 🤔Journos really should be calling out the automakers like Mercedes that are attempting to make this sort of thing subscription only because it obviously doesn't need to be."with a one-time price tag of $1,195"This also shows the poor consumer "value" of Mercedes wanting $1200 per year for a 60hp jump on the EQE350.
  • Dukeisduke Will the next owner have to pay up, too, like with Tesla? What's the starting price of the Polestar 2? I saw a clean used one listed locally the other day, and it was under $50k. I wasn't sure if that was a deal or not.