Japanese Car Sales In China Expected To Be Down In November, But Less Than In October

japanese car sales in china expected to be down in november but less than in october

The boycott of Japan-branded cars by Chinese customers appears to be abating faster than feared by some, but not as fast as hoped by others. Nissan expects its November sales in China to be down by approximately 25 percent, Hideki Kimata, senior general manager of Nissan’s joint venture with Dongfeng, told Reuters. Yesterday, Mazda’s China chief said he expects sales in China to be down by around 35 percent in November.

Nissan’s China sales were down 41 percent in October. Toyota’s China sales had dropped 44.1 percent year-on-year to about 45,600 units in October. Honda’s China car sales plunged 54 percent in the same month. The market share of Japanese brands in China dropped to 7.6 percent in October from 12.2 percent in September and 18.6 percent in August.

Nissan sees sales to be near normal levels in China’s southeast, but still very slow in the north and east. Japanese brands traditionally have been strong in the southeast.

Honda said yesterday it will resume normal production in China from the beginning of next month. Toyota plans to introduce 20 new models in China over the next three years, the company said yesterday at the Guangzhou auto show.

However, nobody expects Japanese brands to be back to their former glory immediatley. Kimata said the outlook should become clearer after China’s Lunar New Year holiday in mid-February.

The boycott is expected to affect earnings of most Japanese automakers, and to foil Toyota’s chances of piercing the 10 million unit barrier this year.

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  • Blowfish Blowfish on Nov 23, 2012

    a buyer do take a big gamble, does insurance cover these riots? also may face some unruly comment to almost as a traitor when being seen in a nippon made car! it maybe abating now, it all needs a few rowdys to stir up the plot again. is a big chance to take.

  • Fred This owner likes the odd ones as it looks like Triumph Stag in the garage.
  • Bwell Glad to see Crosley getting his due. Maybe not a genius but a great innovator. It's a shame that his company, which was hugely successful, just sort of faded away.One quibble - UC is not in College Hill but in Clifton, or more properly University Heights.
  • JMII "Some U.S. automakers have even begun considering bringing back discounts and incentives which were scrapped during the pandemic as supply constraints became a major issue."If sales drop off then this is the cure. Economics 101. Its about time people realized that paying over MSRP is stupid. I have held off purchasing a new vehicle for almost a full year now due to current conditions.My wife would love to have an EV but at current prices its just not happening. However the same is true for ICE vehicles. Vehicle prices are just too high overall right now and our current fleet continues to function perfectly so we see no reason to upgrade. I could careless what the Jone's down the street do or think.
  • TheEndlessEnigma More Ferrari "quality".
  • EBFlex This is not news. People don’t want autonomous vehicles just like they don’t want EVs. Both are unnecessary and dangerous.