Ford To Re-Hire 400 Laid Off Workers In Canada

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
ford to re hire 400 laid off workers in canada

As part of its agreement with the CAW, Ford will open up 400 jobs to laid off workers from its Windsor and St. Thomas plants (aka the birthplace of our beloved Panther) – but with 885 potential applicants and 400 jobs, allocating them will be tricky.

The new jobs come as part of a third shift being added at Ford’s Oakville plant, which currently builds the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX, among other vehicles. Oakville is in line to get a new “global” platform in the next few years, and the third shift will add needed manpower.

The Windsor Star reports that jobs will be given to interested parties based on seniority, but not everyone is eager to them them. St. Thomas and Windsor are located roughly 100 and 200 miles respectively from Oakville, and the commute involves the congested 401 highway. The cost of living in Oakville, an upscale suburb of Toronto, is also far higher than in the other two locales.

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  • Tresmonos Tresmonos on Nov 30, 2012

    Most of the St. Thomas employees were farmers on the side. That will also play a big factor into the lack of interest STAP employees will have in Oakville. OAC also offered up in house plant engineering positions to STAP employees last year. Not many came over. Oakville is a really nice city but real estate is a complete rip-off. If I had to work there full time, I would live in Hamilton (gasp!). Try Stoney's next time you're there. Good food.

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    • Tresmonos Tresmonos on Nov 30, 2012

      @86er haha The pulled pork is fantastic.

  • Gentle Ted Gentle Ted on Nov 30, 2012

    I lived in Oakville when I left my job in Northern Canada, its expensive but a lovely small City, yes Hamilton is not far away and the Housing and the City itself are okay too, a real working Man's Town, they should give it a go, as your Pension is so important to all workers!