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It’s been almost a year since the Internet was treated to the story of a boy, a girl, and a dodgy take on a dead supercar. The story had all the makings of a classic tale: ambition, speed, deceit, accusation, busty Asian women in leopard-skin print outfits dancing on top of cars in the desert.

Well, the story isn’t quite over yet.

According to a press release which was not sent to anybody at TTAC,

The 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR was developed by Supercar Engineering in cooperation with Mosler and fully built by
Mosler Automotive. Supercar Engineering developed and owns technologies integrated into the RaptorGTR.

The RaptorGTR was intended to be the next model to extend the Mosler line. Macroeconomic conditions, phase-
in of electronic stability control requirements on low-volume vehicles built after September 1, 2011, and other
looming regulations for the American market has led to the Mosler factory being idled after the first RaptorGTR
was completed and sold to Supercar Engineering on August 25, 2011.

Supercar Engineering purchased the RaptorGTR from Mosler in conjunction with an Exclusive Distributorship
in China and Thailand. Since the change in circumstances has resulted in only one Raptor being built, SEI is
marketing this unique vehicle to China as well as Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. The list price
is $700,000USD. Interior and exterior can be tailored suit the buyer’s taste.

Macroeconomic conditions — they are such a beeee-otch! The rest of the press release contains some carefully-massaged numbers designed to convince you that it would be a better idea to buy this car than it would be to buy, say, a Lamborghini Aventador. In the real world, it’s hard to make the case for this car over a Lamborghini Jalpa. Oh, well. Caveat emptor, and with any luck there’s a similar phrase in Mandarin.

Meanwhile, the infamous Miss Abbey Cubey has been showcasing her impressive physique around the world in various clubs and whatnot before finally coming to rest at LA Talk Radio, an Internet Radio station. Every Sunday at 4PM she talks about all sorts of things that are probably very sexy but as it happens I have to take my son to dinner during the show and I don’t listen to the show during this time because I don’t want him accidentally hearing Miss Cubey talk about sex and becoming one of those creepy guys who fixates on Asian women. I paid a lot of money for him to spend the first two years of his day-care life with a blonde Swedish expatriate to counteract precisely this sort of thing.

Those of you without any such personal limitations can check “After Dark” out, along with Miss Cubey’s other musical projects, at According to my Facebook News Feed, she’s also been spending some time lately in PCA Club Racing, and I’ve asked her to keep us up-to-date on her success there.

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7 Comments on “I Wonder What Those Nice People With That One Mosler Thingy Are Up To...”

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    “I paid a lot of money for him to spend the first two years of his day-care life with a blonde Swedish expatriate to counteract precisely this sort of thing.”

    Nice, better to fixate on blonde swedes hopefully of the buxem variety anyway.

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    So ;

    Where’s the “Buxom Aisian Girl ” anyway ? the picture isn’t of one…..


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    If a company isn’t latched firmly onto a government teat (courtesy of a free wheelin’, fiat printing central bank) — with the debt put onto taxpayers — it doesn’t really stand a chance in the New Normal (no matter how good or bad its products are).

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    Those energy drink logos again. Surely masters in beverage marketing didn’t give money to THIS project. Gawd. Leopard skin outfit + something similar to “Gangnam Style” would have sold those cars, too.

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    Ya, I remember this. Unless built by VAG or McLaren (since the Brits seem to be better with their $ than us ‘Yanquies’), the Supercar genre is dead. Unless of course, you count Corvette or GT500….:)

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    Why do these uber-expensive American supercars always look so hideous and cobbled together? I think half of these small companies’ demises are due to just that. The door handle is from a slew of two-generations-old General Motors products, and the switchgear is the same as that in an economy car. Making a stitched covering for the dashboard and console does not rectify these things. I understand the meaning of function, but cars need to have attractive aesthetics too. Add to that the fact that these cars are so parochial in what they do that they are largely impractical for any sort of normal driving, and you just aren’t going to find a lot of well-to-do people willing to spend their money on this. It doesn’t have to have to echo a Ferrari finish, but if I’m going to spend $700,000 on a car, it needs to either have more creature comforts or look good enough to have an excuse for being so bare.

    I don’t care if its significantly slower; I’d rather have a Corvette Grand Sport than this monster…

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