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When I wrote an article about the “Mosler Raptor GTR” last week, I certainly wasn’t expecting to start the proverbial tempest in the teapot… but that is exactly what happened. One week later, there have been threats of lawsuits, endless phone calls, multiple “do not forward” e-mails arriving from several players in the situation, and what amounted to an outright request that TTAC abandon its editorial integrity to serve the interests of one individual.

Now, thanks to Matt Hardigree, Ray Wert, and the staff at Jalopnik, we know (some of) the rest of the story…

This morning, Jalopnik posted an article entitled How This Crappy Music Video Set Fire To One Man’s Dream. While TTAC and Jalopnik aren’t above the occasional humorous spat, in this case we are going to give Ray and the crew full props.

When Mr. Wert and I spoke regarding this story on Friday, I had already received seven or eight e-mails instructing me to delete all the comments on the original RaptorGTR story, in the interest of “doing what’s right.” As long-time TTAC readers know, we don’t play that game. You’re free to delete and/or edit your own comments, and we ask that you treat each other with courtesy, but we aren’t going to censor what you say to make a third party happy. Nor did we.

After some discussion, Ray indicated to me that he was going to have Matt Hardigree cover the story — and cover it he has, complete with calls to all the major players. While one might suggest that Matt’s article is perhaps overly sympathetic to J. Todd Wagner, it is nonetheless interesting, balanced, and well-researched. Between that and the DuPont Registry article on the same topic, I’d imagine that potential marks customers for the RaptorGTR will find all the information they need.

The infamous, curiously munchkin-like Linux zealot Eric S. “Surprised By Wealth” Raymond once stated “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” It turns out that the motoring corner of the Internet has just a few too many eyeballs for the RaptorGTR story to go unchallenged. Thanks to all the TTAC readers who chimed in and shone the light.

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12 Comments on ““Well, I’ll still be handsome.” Jalopnik Runs The “Raptor GTR” To The Endzone...”

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    Alex French

    Bill Caswell mentioned the Jalopnik story on facebook, then I saw the update here. So glad to read more about this charade.

    I’m surprised to see a reference to ESR here on TTAC. He is quite a character, to say the least.

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    I’m just amazed that Jalopnik had an article even somewhat related to cars.

    In further car related news, did you hear that a woman got Fix-A-Flat tire sealant injected into her butt? I read about it on Jalopnik!

    • 0 avatar

      I know where you’re coming from and I’ve made the same criticism of Jalopnik for running non-automotive content. But…. when you edit a site, you have to keep an interesting mix of topics. Now and then something related to cars, the car biz, or car culture in an offbeat or tangential way is nice to add to the mix.

      Should Jack have left out a reference to Eric Raymond, not talk about his illustrious career on two wheels, or never reference Ms. McBB?

      • 0 avatar

        I’m only critical of Jalopnik for running fluff stories that literally have nothing to do with cars because Ray got all high and mighty about how Jalopnik was going to win the internet with the Awesomeness Manifesto.

        I really did admire this document when it first came out, and the Jalop editors seemed to adhere to its stated principles for quite some time, but not any longer.

        Whatever I guess. They’ve got swanky digs to pay for in Manhattan — there are things that are more important than blogger credentials.

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    Watching this event unfold in the comments of the first article was priceless. Story and comments of the year award.

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    Something seemed “off” about the original article. In the 25 or so years I’ve been reading about Warren Mosler and his company, I don’t recall ever seeing one of his cars being photographed for a car magazine in LA. Almost like someone was trying too hard. BTW, the Bank of America building in Miami is better looking. The photos would have been just as nice and cheaper to boot — just a short drive from Palm Beach County.

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    As I told Matt Hardigree in an email praising his work on this story, I may give Jalopnik a hard time but there’s a reason why I read the site every day. When they’re good, they’re very good.

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    I don’t get it?

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    Oren Weizman

    I don’t get it, so whats the conclusion ? Was it a Mosler ?

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    Curiouser and curiouser…

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