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Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

The new 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR features 838hp accelerating only 2580lbs. The ultralight street missile is built with carbon-fiber LeMans Prototype construction concepts to keep the weight radically lower than any car in the hyper exotic category, while remaining extremely safe.

Edited to include some very interesting information from “The Car Show”‘s Matt Farah — JB

Warren Mosler is a man after my own heart; he builds cars which are simply designed to haul ass. From the original Consulier to a recent run of mid-engine bespoke GT cars which can be ordered in both street and ALMS configurations, his cars pretty much always outperform expectations… even if they aren’t always perfectly gorgeous. The new “Raptor GTR” hopes to be both fast and attractive. The specs indicate that it will be race-car quick, and if that’s not enough, you can upgrade the car for an additional $70,000 and put 1,212 horsepower to the rear wheels. (Completion of a Mosler driving school is, apparently, required to qualify for the upgrade.) Vipers, Vettes, and GT-Rs will all have to kneel to the Raptor, assuming the track is dry and the driver understands how to drive a car with a true aero package.

For more details, including the most bizarre music video you will watch before the end of 2011, click the jump.

I’m not sure who this girl is, but the folks at Mosler know I can’t afford the Raptor GTR. If they thought I could, they’d have put Harriet Wheeler in front of the thing. My guess: this woman has a devoted following among the global super-rich who do purchase and race Mosler products. More photos below. What can I say? If they’ll let me test-drive it, I will faithfully report whether it can outpace the fastest car I’ve tested on-track, the Switzer GT2. No prizes for guessing that it wouldn’t be close; in fact, I suspect even the people driving Riley Track Rat Mark 69s or whatever those pumpkin seed customer cars are called will find it tough to compete.

Update: Per a comment from Matt Farah, found in the comments section, it looks like the “Cubey GTR” is not an authorized Mosler product. I’ve included the LinkedIn profile of the fellow who contacted me. We’ll be getting the scoop directly from Mosler — JB

Jack Baruth
Jack Baruth

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  • Sportyaccordy Sportyaccordy on Nov 21, 2011

    This is truly fascinating You guys ever post on a message board where someone got caught in a lie? This is like that, but 100000000 times more epic. I'm at a loss for words.

  • Pauldrago Pauldrago on Nov 24, 2011

    It was a cloudy day in LA when Abby Cubey called me and asked me to drop over to her place to drive this exotic she had stashed in her garage to a friend’s house. I said sure. I’ve been producing her for over a year and released her first CD which was debuted at the House of Blues in LA. Well the car turned out to be this fast supercharged black space car, which turned out to be the RaptorGTR. When I was pulling out of the garage I nearly drove it through the wall just by gently touching the pedal. Long story short, Abby suggested a Title “Pump it Up” in honor of the car. I started working a bit on that idea when it came to me that we use an idea that appear in her dream and spoke more passion and desire. The song title was “Feel My Fire”. Well what started out as a love song ended up a hot sexy number, after partnering up with Omar Rojaz, who co-produced with me (an established international DJ), and his wife to be, the talented co-writer. It wasn’t too long after the finish, when we ended up in the desert ( over 120 degrees – Mojavi) and video shooting begun as a campaign to introduce the Mosler GTR. When we were recording the song, I thought it would be cool to have a car sound in it. I searched the internet for that. Then it was suggested that we use the real Raptor car sound. So at 2:00 AM, in the street, waking up the neighbors, Amber and I recorded the actual sounds of the car and we mixed them right in to the recording. So the turbo you hear is the real thing. The composition was written by Abby Cubey, Paul Drago, Omar Rojaz and Amber Nicole Irish and is a Paul Drago/Omar Rojaz Production or JOJOKID Music. The song and video were released on CDBaby , iTunes and other download sites.

  • MaintenanceCosts "But your author does wonder what the maintenance routine is going to be like on an Italian-German supercar that plays host to a high-revving engine, battery pack, and several electric motors."Probably not much different from the maintenance routine of any other Italian-German supercar with a high-revving engine.
  • 28-Cars-Later "The unions" need to not be the UAW and maybe there's a shot. Maybe.
  • 2manyvettes I had a Cougar of similar vintage that I bought from my late mother in law. It did not suffer the issues mentioned in this article, but being a Minnesota car it did have some weird issues, like a rusted brake line.(!) I do not remember the mileage of the vehicle, but it left my driveway when the transmission started making unwelcome noises. I traded it for a much newer Ford Fusion that served my daughter well until she finished college.
  • TheEndlessEnigma Couple of questions: 1) who will be the service partner for these when Rivian goes Tits Up? 2) What happens with software/operating system support when Rivia goes Tits Up? 3) What happens to the lease when Rivian goes Tits up?
  • Richard I loved these cars, I was blessed to own three. My first a red beauty 86. My second was an 87, 2+2, with digital everything. My third an 87, it had been ridden pretty hard when I got it but it served me well for several years. The first two I loved so much. Unfortunately they had fuel injection issue causing them to basically burst into flames. My son was with me at 10 years old when first one went up. I'm holding no grudges. Nissan gave me 1600$ for first one after jumping thru hoops for 3 years. I didn't bother trying with the second. Just wondering if anyone else had similar experience. I still love those cars.