Citroen C5 Beats BMW 528i As Israel's New State Car

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
citroen c5 beats bmw 528i as israel s new state car

50 Cabinet ministers, judges and high ranking police officials in Israel were offered the choice of a new state car this past summer, and had the option of a BMW 528i or a Citroen C5. 28 of the 50, mostly cabinet ministers, picked the Citroen after a significant public backlash surrounded the BMWs.

With growing social unrest over unaffordable housing prices, picking a $79,000 BMW as one’s taxpayer-funded car would be rather unseemly. Instead, the $46,555 Citroen C5 will be employed by top government officials, including Israel’s chief central banker. But according to Israeli business publication Globes, even the C5 is

“Not the regular Citroen C5 that Israelis buy, but the executive version (which is not sold much in Israel), equipped with all the bells and whistles, including leather seats and a multimedia system, but still a Citroen C5 – a large vehicle with an image of a grey-collar car, and without the pretentiousness of a luxury brand.”

BMW reportedly offered discounts in line with the Citroen’s retail price, but the ensuing backlash led to the overwhelming adoption of the Citroen. During the last round of state car tenders, officials could choose between an Audi A6 and the Skoda Superb, with most choosing the Audi. This time around, an election is coming up sooner rather than later, and public perception matters much more, especially with Israelis caring deeply about “social justice” issues. Not mentioned officially (but felt deeply) was the issue of the appropriateness of taxpayer funded German cars. Skoda seems to get a pass due to the little known Czech-Israel arms connection, and most cabinet ministers had no qualms about the Audis; but there’s a reason Ariel Sharon drove a Volvo and Meir Dagan was loyal to Peugeot.

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  • Spike_in_Brisbane Spike_in_Brisbane on Oct 12, 2012

    I currently own a Citroen C5 and I have had a BMW 535. They are both great cars but as different as chalk and cheese. The BMW was at its best when doing something illegal. (Speeding, hooning or carving corners). The Citroen is at its best for the other 95% of the time when I am just driving somewhere. It is very smooth, very quiet and very comfortable. Both cars required a bit of maintenance but it's worth it. I can see why someone would choose either over the other.

  • Ranwhenparked Ranwhenparked on Oct 14, 2012

    I don't see why this is even a story - given the choice, I'd take the Citroen too. Hydropneumatic suspension FTW!