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As part of a cost-cutting measure, workers at the Opel/Vauxhall plant at Ellsemere Port, UK, will switch to a four-day week from the current five-day setup.

The move is also designed to assist the new Astra model changeover. The plant’s future is apparently secured until 2015, but the reduced work week, along with a voluntary “down week” in September to help slow down production due to lagging sales, are worrying signs not just for Opel/Vauxhall but GM as a whole.

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10 Comments on “Ellesmere Port Workers Get Extra Day Off...”

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    As I have a few friends in the United Kingdom, I think most people there are worried as what’s going to happen to Vauxhall? Does anyone really know?

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      Whatever happens to Opel will happen to Vauxhall. If Opel cars continue to be produced, so will Vauxhall. The difference is in the badge. My Vauxhall has Vauxhall badges but Opel build plates, because it wasn’t built in the UK (it was built in Spain). A British produced Opel is built by Vauxhall, a Vauxhall built elsewhere is built by Opel. They’re too integrated to be considered separate companies. Even if GM did cancel the Vauxhall name for the UK (and as long as they produce Opels, they won’t), then all that would happen is that Vauxhalls are branded Opel….which would be a pointless exercise as the UK is probably GM’s best European Union market.

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    is this article’s lack of a headline also a cost-cutting measure?

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    So if Opel dies, where does that leave Buick? I am rooting for them to eat Acura’s lunch over the next few years, since Honda is so clueless.

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      Either more Holdens, some kind of Chinese variants, or RenCen actually invests in North American R&D. I think Chevrolet has the Daewoo market covered in NA and worldwide.

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        Greg Locock

        Why (or how) would you substitute Holdens, built in a high cost country like Australia, for Vauxhalls built in an average cost country like the UK? It’s not exactly Canada vs Mexico cost wise, but it’s not as far off as you might think.

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    The new Astra is only expected to hit the streets in 2015, which means Ellesmere Port is secure probably through the end of the decade. As for switching to a four-day week, the plant just went to three shifts, which will allow volumes to be maintained as a work day is cut to save on related production costs, primarily utilities.

    The only accurate part of this story is that production at the plant was halted for a week to allow European inventories to clear out.

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    el scotto

    Yep, if you work 4 10 hour days instead of 5 8 hour days, you get a day off. Plants have been shut down if a model is not selling well. I don’t see how this is a big deal and hardly a foreboding of GM’s imminent collapse.

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    Cameron gives a rat’s arse for Vauxhall. The Brit government are busy spending 6 billion plus on RN carriers the USAF can land on.
    This because the UK is not part of Europa. You know they might be neighbours and that but independence comes from being 51st defence state.

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