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Your humble author hates the Lamborghini Urus with the fury of a thousand indignant suns. I am also completely over the whole self-congratulatory Pebble Beach/Monterey Historics business which is currently occupying the attention of the entire West Coast buffet-browsing crew.

Out of consideration of the fact that some of you might not feel the same way, however, heeeeere’s Urus!

AutoSpies’ Agent 001 went to “Quail”, whatever that is. I think of quail as something you use a Benelli Super Eagle to murder with extreme prejudice. No wait, that’s not quail, I’m actually thinking of Toronto squeegee thugs. Anyway, at “Quail”, he saw the Urus and photographed it. Check it out.

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22 Comments on “Take A Look Inside Lamborghini’s Urus With Agent 001...”

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    They should have named it “Anus.” Ugh and people complained about the Dode Dart’s interior???

    Still, this will sell, solely on price alone. The more 6-figure “accessories” that doctor’s wives can accumulate, the better…

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    Oh that’s a concept… nevermind. It will likely look less ugly at production.

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    We have a mexican word for that: NACO!!


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    This is the lambo equivalent to Homer Simpson repeating to himself “Think un-sexy thoughts… Think un-sexy thoughts…”

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    Jack, “qauil” is a “Gathering” where unicorns abound and radiators are filled with Evian spring water.

    I wish you could have done a video review in front of the car wearing your gold jacket and shorts.

    Remember, the market for these “things” has moved to the Middle East and China. The more outlandish the better to show that you’ve made it.

    Update, I just ran the mouse over the photo. I don’t think the Russian oligarths are that tacky.

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    Funny how certain design “themes” work well on the sports car, but don’t translate well to the same manufacturer’s SUV or GT car (or vice versa). Witness the 911 and the Cayenne (classic sports car, the Cayenne – not so much a classic). The Aventador/Gallardo look great for what they are, but that “language” doesn’t seem to translate well to an SUV. That said, they’ll probably sell plenty of them.

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    This is the first time i’ve seen Mulch-Grain wood.

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      I was trying to figure out what that was. Carbon fiber, maybe? It looks like the cheap “granite-look” plastic counter tops you see in some apartments.

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      Looks like those composite, “multi-directional”, wood chip floor joists that hold up my basement ceiling.

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      It is the carbon fiber called “forged composite” Lamborghini developed with Callaway (golf):

      Apparently it is allows for the carbon to have multidirectional strength and is easier to shape. However, as was noticed by you all, it is quite the eye sore. Whatever happened to beautifully sculpted dash boards swathed in leather/real wood?

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      It appears to be recycled bowling balls.

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    Quail in the Monterey / Carmel area refers to the Quail Lodge golf resort (formerly hotel and golf resort), out Carmel Valley ( ). The hotel part is still shut down from some labor issue five-ish years ago, but the golf course side remained open. Which is sad, the Executive Suites at the hotel were an amazing place to spend the weekend for an anniversary.

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    Once again I am reminded of what a loser I am. Spent the last week enjoying the whole vintage car/auction thing (from afar), and I find out everyone involved is a hoser or wanker. I am just on the outside looking in like a fool. Sigh, so. other than solocross, exactly what in the Baruckian universe can I like without feeling like a dip___ for doing so? I am a white suburbanite who has been married for 35 years and works six days a week. So my options are limited. Let me know.

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    Looks like what the set designer of a 1990s sci fi porno would come up with for a spaceship bridge using cardboard and leftover granite countertops.

    Also, from the outside, the Ur-anus strangely seems to resemble the new no longer retro Mustang concept…

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    There’s nothing wrong with this thing that 2 gallons of gas and a pack of matches wouldn’t fix.

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    I don’t want a look inside Lamborghini’s urus or anyone else’s for that matter, thank you very much.

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    Polar Bear

    This is what you get when your focus group consists of Chinese billionaires and Arab princes.

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    SUVs and Bell & Ross, the trends o yesteryears converging nicely.

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