What's Wrong With This Picture: We Pay For The Tires Edition

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
what s wrong with this picture we pay for the tires edition

A little-known paragraph in most press-car loaner agreements states that “The vehicle may not be used for competitive purposes.” When you buy your own cars, however, you can do whatever you like. Our (not-so-much-of-a-)mystery contributor, Bark M., wanted to get an SCCA event under his Mustang’s belt before the temp tags ran out. He drove it back to back with an AP1 Honda S2000, and perhaps we’ll get some impressions from him in the near future.

But the question remains? What’s wrong with this picture?

Here’s another shot of the car, just to help you figure it out:

That’s right! He’s got painter’s tape on the bumper of the car. Who does that? I’m telling our mother. On the other hand, painter’s tape, although d-baggish to the extreme, can provide protection in the most extreme circumstances:

Should have put some on the ROOF!

Jack Baruth
Jack Baruth

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  • Alfabert Alfabert on Jul 23, 2012

    "Pro Tapes has discontinued Pro-Gaff in Kodak Yellow and no inventory now remains." That's what's wrong, and it would drive a person to using painter blue tape...

  • Mnm4ever Mnm4ever on Jul 24, 2012

    You should check out www.trakktape.com Also there is www.buyroadwrap.com, but I have heard some complaints about it. Either way, much cheaper than 3M clear bra but not ugly like painters tape. Although on a $45k Mustang I would have gotten the clear bra added at the dealer for a grand or so, it would have been worth it.

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