By on July 17, 2012
Christopher writes:
Great analysis of the GT-R.  Slow day at work, so I decided to cut a few inches out of the middle as you suggested (maybe more than just 2″…).  Please excuse the crappy “MS Paint” editing and my poor editing skills… but I still think the profile looks so much better.  Like a real super car.  And it eliminates the fake fender vent!

Sajeev concludes:

One of the B&B’s counterpoint to my analysis was that the GT-R is massive and not especially pretty by design, compared to other vehicles in this class.  Which is 100% true.  But does that mean the GT-R should be massive like a CUV?  Absolutely not! Thanks for proving my point, but you did take a little too much out of the middle. But still…

Your quickie redesign takes the GT-R back to the 4th and 5th generations of the Skyline GT-R: long, low and still pretty dumpy looking. That’s the way I like my GT-R. Welcome to The World of Proper. And, to wrap things up, here’s the original photo with your modified photo.


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5 Comments on “Vellum Venom Vignette: Restyled 2012 Nissan GT-R...”

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    word is bond

    Looks great – little bit of a modern Z. I wonder if it’s actually possible up front – I mean with that complicate AWD system, it might not be possible to drop the engine much lower.

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    I dunno – maybe because I never had a Playstation, I just don’t think the Skyline GTR looks that great.
    Sure, the R34 looked cool, but I don’t think anyone would mistake any Skyline GTR for a good looking car.

    The R35 really doesn’t do it for me (looks-wise).
    As powerful and sophisticated as it is, I still prefer to look at the NSX or even a clean Supra (which, again, was never a particularly pretty car).

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    I think the current GTR’s nose just don’t have that blunt-ness that the older ones are known for. They weren’t supposed to be GT/Sportscar in the sense of a Z or something, but they are more along the line of more ordinary cars with muscle pills….R35 is kinda somewhere in between….

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    With all respect, this is plain wrong and not an improvement aestecially. The Skylines of yore were never meant to appear sleek. They were always rather bulky, but handsome/cool looking vehicles. I think the R35 better represents this than your rendering.

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