Suzuki Workers Burn Factory, Manager Killed

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
suzuki workers burn factory manager killed

Workers at Maruti Suzuki’s factory in Maneshar, India, ransacked and burned the factory, leaving the personnel director dead and many injured, Reuters reports.

The Manesar factory remains closed and secured by a 1,200 man police force, a day after an angry mob “armed with iron rods and door beams of cars, spread out in groups in the factory area and targeted supervisors, managers and executives… rendering many of their victims bleeding and unconscious,” Maruti said in a statement. “They also ransacked offices, broke glass panes and wantonly damaged property. Finally, they set the offices on fire.”

Human resources manager Awanish Kumar Dev was burned to death during the riot, the Japanese manager of the factory was also attacked. Fifty management personnel and 9 police officers were injured during the clashes. 90 people were arrested, with more arrests promised.

After a disciplinary incident involving one employee, “members of the senior management met the union. During the talks, the workers attacked the members of the senior management, executives and managers,” Maruti said in a statement.

Workers and their unions blame security personnel of the company. Indian police are searching for 3,000 people they want to detain, Reuters says.

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  • Schmitt trigger Schmitt trigger on Jul 19, 2012

    I don't think that anybody in this thread has enough information to assign blame to either management or the union. If someone has a found a website with additional info, please post the link such that we make educated comments.

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    • "scarey" "scarey" on Jul 20, 2012

      @Bertel Schmitt Over and out.

  • Obbop Obbop on Jul 19, 2012

    Caste system to the rescue. Employ the untouchable class as supervisors.

  • Analoggrotto Knew about it all along but only now did the risk analysis tilt against leaving it there.
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