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Workers at Maruti Suzuki’s factory in Maneshar, India, ransacked and burned the factory, leaving the personnel director dead and many injured, Reuters reports.

The Manesar factory remains closed and secured by a 1,200 man police force, a day after an angry mob “armed with iron rods and door beams of cars, spread out in groups in the factory area and targeted supervisors, managers and executives… rendering many of their victims bleeding and unconscious,” Maruti said in a statement. “They also ransacked offices, broke glass panes and wantonly damaged property. Finally, they set the offices on fire.”

Human resources manager Awanish Kumar Dev was burned to death during the riot, the Japanese manager of the factory was also attacked. Fifty management personnel and 9 police officers were injured during the clashes. 90 people were arrested, with more arrests promised.

After a disciplinary incident involving one employee, “members of the senior management met the union. During the talks, the workers attacked the members of the senior management, executives and managers,” Maruti said in a statement.

Workers and their unions blame security personnel of the company. Indian police are searching for 3,000 people they want to detain, Reuters says.

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26 Comments on “Suzuki Workers Burn Factory, Manager Killed...”

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    Da Coyote

    Yeah, that’ll work to get better conditions/pay/etc.

    Hey cretin Suzuki workers, look up “Detroit” on the net. Worked just as well there, too. At least those semi-cretins only wrecked the city…not the factory.

    But it’ll get you the same result.

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      Here’s the thing: when people are content, they don’t (usually) riot. If you see things like this, it’s usually because there’s something fundamentally wrong with the social structure.

      Calling the workers “cretins” without knowing the whole story (and this posting is seriously lacking in that respect) is poor reasoning and willful ignorance of the larger picture.

      Now, this doesn’t mean that burning a man alive isn’t horrific and awful, but there’s a reason you don’t see this kind of thing in developed societies, and that’s because we’re not driving people to desperation.

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        Seems to be the Indian way. Don’t like something or somebody? Burn it, beat it, kill it.

        From the Financial Times:

        “In a statement, Maruti said workers demanding reinstatement of a suspended colleague rampaged through the factory outside New Delhi, attacking executives, managers and supervisors and “rendering many of their victims bleeding and unconscious”.

        Maybe British colonialism contributed something the mindset. But, that still doesn’t excuse it.

        The dot on your forehead isn’t big enough? You are screwed.

        Don’t belong to the correct religion? You are screwed.

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        Da Coyote said, “Yeah, that’ll work to get better conditions/pay/etc.”

        Yes, that could work. Civil unrest, historically, has proven to enhance living conditions and vice versa. I guess those workers rolled the dice on this one.

        dejal1 said, “Seems to be the Indian way. Don’t like something or somebody? Burn it, beat it, kill it.”

        mmm the steam of bigotry wafting off an internet comment.
        Look, replace “Indian” with any race or persons of a particular region or human race, and that statement rings just as true.
        Meaning, its a hollow statement. Except for the fact you are singling out one particular race for having these undesirable characteristics, which in turn can perpetuate prejudices and racism.

        Alright alright alright… YOU might not be a bigot, but that statement is ignorant and could help perpetuate bigotry. So, just as you went out your way to make a seemingly unnecessary comment I will follow behind you and clean up by letting others know what you said was very much… idiotic.
        You are welcome.

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        could you be more ignorant or racist?

        People are blowing this out of proportion, yes they were unsettled workers. yes they were upset. But this started as a small scuffle between a manager and an employee. When tensions are high strung and people don’t know exactly how to react to situations, riots ensue.

        But this has nothing to do with “The Indian Way” This is more of the “Human Way”

        @Pasarjninian -> they didn’t burn him alive. EVERY auto blog is saying this. He died in the fire. BIG DIFFERENCE. You’d think considering one of the lead editors of TTAC is Indian and can most likely understand hindi, he’d watch the video clip and give a more accurate report.

        Asphyxiation + burns is probably the likely cause of his death.

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      Oh, a riot in Maneshar is like…something in Detroit? Because they’re cretins? (Cretins – excellent word choice by the way. It’s certainly not hollow, anarchronistic invective or anything.) What I like about your rhetorical style, Da Coyote, is how suffused it is with thoughtfulness and empathy.

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    So why exactly are they blaming security personnel when workers attacked people and set fire to the factory?

    This is ridiculous and poor behavior. Violence isn’t the way to negotiate in business.

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    I don’t think this is what you guys were looking for with the Suzuki Death Watch.

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    No word on whether Milton Waddams was seen leaving the scene:

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    This will make downsizing a little easier I guess.

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    Kaizen blitz! (Overcapacity problem: solved!)

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    Ex Radio Operator

    Union thugs are union thugs no matter where they are located. These particular thugs have a history in that country.

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    I am certain the “Caste” system has something to do with the reaction too.

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    schmitt trigger

    I don’t think that anybody in this thread has enough information to assign blame to either management or the union.

    If someone has a found a website with additional info, please post the link such that we make educated comments.

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      I think we have sufficient information to assign you the title of ‘Moron’. Murder, assault, and arson are acceptable if you have workplace grievances ? Not hardly. Not anywhere.

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        Hey Bertil? Isn’t THIS the sort of thing that’s supposed to draw threats of bannination?

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        What ? For speculation on how much information we have ? WHEN do workplace grievances justify murder, assault and arson ? Are they justified where YOU work ? And doesn’t the BLAME for such actions rightly belong to those who committed them ? Please clear these questions up for me. Thanking you in advance for your co-operation.

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        “WHEN do workplace grievances justify murder, assault and arson ?”

        When the grievances are about social injustices that effect a community to a degree that is on-par with said crimes.
        That is if you are into the whole “eye for an eye” thing.

        If we had more information we could come to a better understanding why an event of this magnitude took place.
        Would or could any information justify the crimes of the workers?
        If you believe in capital punishment, yes.

        Just in case it’s hard to believe factory conditions could be so unsafe or unjust that said conditions could be equated to murder or assault… Google FOXCONN.
        Or google sweatshop…

        PS.. MORON!

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      Please apologize to Schmitt Trigger for using “moron”

      This is perfectly acceptable on TTAC: “Murder, assault, and arson are acceptable if you have workplace grievances ? Not hardly. Not anywhere.”

      Calling someone names is not.

      If I don’t see an apology here within the next 6 hours, you’ll be out.

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    Caste system to the rescue.

    Employ the untouchable class as supervisors.

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