Volvo Changes Its Mind, V40 Will Come Here

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
volvo changes its mind v40 will come here

CORRECTION: Some bad information has gotten out – no V40 for us.

[s]The V40, along with a planned XC40 crossover will make their way stateside, ostensibly to compete with new compact entries from Mercedes-Benz and BMW.[/s] These cars will represent the final run of Ford-based Volvos. No word on what engine choices will be offered, but the T5 turbocharged 5-cylinder engine seems to be a logical choice. Offer it with a 6-speed manual and I’ll put a deposit down once I stop eating sardines for dinner.

Initial reviews of the “T4”, which use the Ford 1.6L Ecoboost powertrain are positive. Let’s hope that the V40 is followed up by a new XC90. Not even Methuselah has had such a long run. The new XC90 will apparently be the first car to use Volvo’s new scalable platform and modular 4-cylinder turbo engine family.

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  • Rjones Rjones on Jun 01, 2012

    Sigh, just bring back the damn V70 will ya?

  • JMII JMII on Jun 01, 2012

    Given the slow sales of the C30 T5 Hatchback does Volvo really think adding another set of doors is going to help?

  • Zacarious Zacarious on Jun 01, 2012

    From the article "Volvo also reconfirmed that it will NOT sell the new V40 hatchback in the U.S. It adds there are currently no plans for any other V40 variations, even though sedan and wagon versions have already been styled." So the V40 is not coming. Reading is fundamental.

  • Pb35 Pb35 on Jun 02, 2012

    I don't really care if this makes it here or not. I want the V60 as my dd. Will be interested in a new 90 too to replace my XC90 Sport which is going on it's 5 year with us this year. Still looks like a new one, thanks Volvo! Will be hard to downgrade from the V8 to a 4 however, no matter how DI'ed and Turbo'ed it is.