Japan In May 2012: Back From The Dead

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
japan in may 2012 back from the dead

Domestic sales of new cars, trucks and buses in Japan rose 66.4% from a year earlier in May, data provided by Japanese industry groups show.

Total vehicle sales Japan May ’12ManufacturerMay ’12May ’11YoYMS May ’12MS May ’11Daihatsu55,45732,47970.7%14.0%13.7%Hino2,9521,078173.8%0.7%0.5%Honda57,92328,910100.4%14.7%12.2%Isuzu3,7411,648127.0%0.9%0.7%Lexus3,1771,78977.6%0.8%0.8%Mazda17,09912,15540.7%4.3%5.1%Mitsubishi9,82110,552-6.9%2.5%4.4%Mitsubishi Fuso2,740894206.5%0.7%0.4%Nissan44,34837,98716.7%11.2%16.0%Subaru10,2049,7155.0%2.6%4.1%Suzuki54,92436,47250.6%13.9%15.4%Toyota114,21048,733134.4%28.9%20.5%UD Trucks765323136.8%0.2%0.1%Other17,58914,62820.2%4.5%6.2%Total394,950237,36366.4%

According to the Japan Automobile Dealers Association and the Japan Mini Vehicles Association, 394,950 vehicles (including mini vehicles and imports) were sold in May, up from 237,363 in May 2011.

The number is exaggerated because May 2011 sales had collapsed as an aftermath of the March 11 earthquake. For the first five months, total sales in Japan are nearly 56 percent above those in the same period last year.

Regular vehicle sales Japan May ’12ManufacturerMay ’12May ’11YoYYTD ’12YTD ’11YoYDaihatsu225107110.3%1,2731,00426.8%Hino2,9521,078173.8%17,58911,99346.7%Honda31,57621,29448.3%224,113145,73353.8%Isuzu3,7411,648127.0%25,14714,67871.3%Lexus3,1771,78977.6%18,78213,95334.6%Mazda13,1938,51055.0%75,31555,02836.9%Mitsubishi3,4864,059-14.1%26,00722,31716.5%Mitsubishi Fuso2,740894206.5%14,7678,71069.5%Nissan32,92728,03717.4%235,797164,58443.3%Subaru5,4925,622-2.3%39,92229,29936.3%Suzuki7,7945,43443.4%41,46832,28628.4%Toyota110,71448,733127.2%722,695394,68383.1%UD Trucks765323136.8%3,9332,57852.6%Other17,58414,62620.2%92,97473,30926.8%Total236,366142,15466.3%1,539,782970,15558.7%

In the regular vehicle department, Toyota mounts a strong comeback wiith sales up 83 percent in the first five months. Imports of non-Japanese makers captured in “other”) are up nearly 27 percent through May. Imports of Japanese makers are in their respective results.

Mini vehicle sales Japan May ’12ManufacturerMay ’12May ’11YoYYTD ’12YTD ’11ChangeSuzuki47,13031,03851.8%262,107184,55942.0%Daihatsu55,23232,37270.6%312,725204,24953.1%Mitsubishi6,3356,493-2.4%39,96941,465-3.6%Subaru4,7124,09315.1%41,52332,02129.7%Honda26,3477,616245.9%131,83555,667136.8%Mazda3,9063,6457.2%23,86119,92619.7%Nissan11,4219,95014.8%73,91459,36024.5%Toyota3,496016,281Other52150.0%211723.5%Total158,58495,20966.6%902,236597,26451.1%

In the separately reported mini vehicle department, Honda roars back to life. Honda’s kei car sales more than tripled in May, and are up 137 percent in the first five months.

Japan Big Three May ’12GroupToyota Motor CoNissanHondaUnits May ’12172,61944,34857,923Units May ’1182,29037,98728,910Units YoY109.8%16.7%100.4%MS May ’1243.7%11.2%14.7%MS May ’1134.7%16.0%12.2%Units YTD ’121,070,563309,711355,948MS YTD ’1243.8%12.7%14.6%Units YTD ’11611,929201,786205,093MS YTD ’1139.0%12.9%13.1%YoY YTD74.9%53.5%73.6%

Comparing Japan’s Big Three, Toyota (including Daihatsu and Hino) is back with a vengeance, doubling group sales in May, and adding nearly four points of market share in the first five months of the year. Honda added a little share, while Nissan lost a bit.

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