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With all the rumors about German-built Citroens and re-badged French MPVs, it’s time to do what North American car lovers do best; cast a greedy eye upon vehicles we can’t get, and talk about how much we’d like them.

The Opel Zafira and Citroen C5 are hardly the most exciting vehicles in the PSA stable. If it were up to me, I’d have the brand-new Peugeot 208 assimilate the Sonic in a Borg like manner. It’s not that the Sonic is a bad car, but the Francofied-GTI is an enticing prospect, and the combined engineering staff of PSA and GM could add in a sedan version for our market.

Initially, I would have said bring the new DS Range over, but they might be a little too French. The range of small commercial vehicles on the other hand, may be just right if the Fiat Doblo comes out as a Ram to do battle with the Ford Transit Connect. What would you want to see integrated into GM’s lineup. Alternately, what junk would you foist on the French as punishment for the crap they inflicted on us?

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20 Comments on “QOTD: Checking GM’s PSA Levels. What’s Your Dream French Import...”

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    My heart says bring over the DS line.
    My head says bring over the commercial vans.
    I’d also prefer the 107/C1 over the Daewoo Spark, while the 3008 diesel hybrid MPV could do battle with the Prius V.
    So many possibilities…that will never be realized… :)

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      Agreed, I want DS3 so bad it hurts. Also, even though its now getting old and probably on the way out, the C6 is still one gorgeous car.

      But, realistically, with Ford about to launch the full-sized Transit and Fiat and Chrysler already confirming that Ram will be getting the Ducato, it would make a lot of sense for GM to bring over a modern, European van of their own.

      Of course, they wouldn’t really need PSA for that, as GM already has the Opel/Vauxhall Movano and Vivaro, which are shared with Renault-Nissan. Really, they could have sold those here any time they wanted, they’re just too cheap.

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        Well then I am glad I live in Europe and actually have a choice of cool cars I can purchase.

        I ordered my Citroen DS3 (120-hp) two weeks ago. Yellow with a black roof – looks exactly like this:

        It should be ready next month, but Citroen can hardly keep up with demand.

        I cannot wait to receive it. I’m still keeping my trustworthy 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, but my wife and I decided that we’re not going to remain young forever (I’m in my early ’60s) and we want to have a bit fun before we “go”.

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    T5 Transporter Camper. My Vanagon isn’t getting any younger…

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    My parents have a Citroen C4 Gran Picasso. I diesel with flappy paddles=lots of fun. I’d think the little mpv would give the Mazda 5 a good run for its money. The vehicle isn’t bad looking either.

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    Downtown Dan

    Very much liked both the Peugeot 307 and 308 from my time in Europe. Also, the Citroen C6– never drove one, but Top Gear’s review said the ride is phenomenal.

    As for revenge imports from the US: may I interest you in a Jeep Compass, mes amis?

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    Downtown Dan

    Actually, forget that. I just made a shocking discovery. The current Chrysler LX platform is basically the old LH platform updated and converted to RWD. The old LH platform was in turn derived from Eagle Premier/Renault Medallion cars that came out of AMC’s partnership with Renault. So the French car that I pine after most is….a Dodge Challenger SRT8 392.

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      LX was developed (partially) alongside the W211 Mercedes E-Class. Allpar interviewed one of the engineers.

      You’re right, the original PLAN for a RWD Chrysler was LH based. The actual LX, however, is its own beast.

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        Downtown Dan

        Tons of Benz bits, but also substantial LH heritage. From Wiki:

        “The LX was developed in America from the previous Chrysler LH platform, which had been designed to allow it to be easily upgraded to rear and all-wheel drive. Many Mercedes components were incorporated, including the Mercedes-Benz W220 S-class control arm front suspension, the Mercedes-Benz W211[1] E-Class 5-link rear suspension, the W5A580 5-speed automatic, the rear differential, and the ESP system. ”

        The engineer in the Allpar interview lends some credence to this:

        “The rear-wheel drive cars had gotten started quite a bit before the Mercedes stuff happened. But that really put a fire under that because of Dieter and his heritage of Mercedes, [which is] very much rear-wheel drive, and now our parts bin was twice as big, and we had a whole bunch of rear-wheel drive parts that would’ve cost us a lot more to get our hands on, with tooling and all that stuff.”

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    “it’s time to do what North American car lovers do best; cast a greedy eye upon vehicles we can’t get, and talk about how much we’d like them.”

    And, of course, refuse to actually spend our money buying them if they do come over.

    Oh yeah, for me? Anything Citroen.

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    My favourite French import? One that falls off the back of the car carrier and into the sea before it even rolls on to North American soil.
    I’ve owned a Citroen and a Peugeot. Both were unmitigated disasters. Nothing will change my opinion of French cars.

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    The Ds line too french!? That’s like saying a car with an Inline four is too american,a Citroën without Hydropneumatic suspension is nowhere near french enough. No frog balls when you open the hood means that it’s not a true frog car. A proper Citroën should also be elegant, but not garish.
    The DS does not offer the excellent comfort that is associated with the brand, it does however offer garish, spades of garish. The C6 on the other hand…

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    Peugeot 404 wagon body, updated (but with the personality of the original) engine, 5speed, and suspension.

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    Citröen C6. It’s a hydropneumatically suspended diesel-only luxury barge. Of course, I’m not a new car buyer, so it’s just dreaming…

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    The best suspension (in my opinion) of any car I’ve ever owned was the one in the Austin America I owned way back.
    The car wasn’t fast, but you could go around corners like you were on rails. I haven’t experienced that since.
    A decade or so ago I talked to Alex Moulton about his invention.
    I don’t know if he’s still around.

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    @namstrap…..An “Austin America”…If you got five years out them in “rust country” you were considered lucky.

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    A Citroen SM would do just fine.

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